Saturday, May 10, 2014


After I posted the pictures of our garden earlier this week, I kept meaning to post pictures of some new flowers we bought, but kept forgetting!

So, here are our flowers that I have not yet killed.

Mom will probably appreciate this post the most, and since Mother's Day is tomorrow, it only seemed appropriate to post it this weekend! haha

Here's one flower pot on our back deck.
Since I took this picture, another pink and purple flower have each bloomed!

I had some of these kind of flowers last year, and I just think they're neat and different looking, so I had to buy some this year, too.

I just love how this flower has different petals all in one bloom!

And then this flower pot was a gift to me from one of our administrators for Administrative Professionals Day.

Several years ago, my mom made a flower arrangement in an old chair similar to this.  Last summer, I decided I'd attempt to make one, but I only got around to painting it, and never filled it with flowers.This year, I decided I really needed to. haha.

The reason I went with a red chair, is because I planned to only use red and white flowers in it, with all of the green leaves, stems, etc......

....anyone catching on yet?

Here is my CHRISTMAS FLOWER CHAIR!  haha :)

There ya go, Mom. You should be proud of all my flowers! haha.

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