Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter decor

I know I'm almost two weeks late on sharing these pictures, but I really did intend to post this earlier in the week.....several days this week consisted of me coming home from work and heading straight to bed for the rest of the night because of headaches/eyeaches, so I didn't really get much of anything done this week.  Heck, just this afternoon I finally watched Dancing with the Stars from Monday (I had slept right through it!)

Anyway, here are some pictures of our Easter decorations this year!

Whenever Harry Potter is being shown on TV, we always have it on. Always.

Cute little bunnies..
The bunnies and the standing rabbit in the next four pictures were all gifts from Dad:

This apothecary jar has been used for so much--I love it!
(It's currently holding Matt's Easter candy ;)

And, of course, the chalkboard!
Yes, I realize it says "hoppy" instead of "happy." My intentions were to draw a rabbit at the bottom, but you can just imagine how that turned out. I'm no artist!
And those Easter eggs hanging off the side, they're some of the ones my sister and I used to hang on a tree in the front yard...when the branches were easy enough to hang them on! haha

I've had this bunny for forever! 

A stained art coloring I did when I was a kid.

Mom told me about these colorful eggs at Dollar Tree, and we both got some to decorate with.
I love anything brightly colored and ESPECIALLY glittery!!

Plus, it matched our spring chargers really well!

Spring time dishes from Dad.

Finally, can't forget our Peanuts holiday flag ;)

Time to get ready for the next holiday :)

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Nina Diane said...

I love all of your decorations and especially your new plates!