Monday, April 28, 2014

My First NASCAR Race

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon/evening down at RIR for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. This was my first race and I had a great time! We both did! We had fantastic seats that our friend, Stephen, shared with us --we all went together-- and we had great people sitting around us...that always helps!

We got there around 2:30 or so, didn't have too far of a walk to get to the track, and just went straight up to our seats.  Before we even got there, I asked Matt, "do you think they'll have Dippin' Dots?" (priorities, people!) He didn't know for sure, but naturally, the FIRST food/drink stand I saw was indeed Dippin' Dots, and it was literally right underneath our seats! haha.

When the race was finally getting started (I never thought 7:15pm would come along..), I was really excited! Throughout the first few laps (and by few, I mean about 65, haha), I thought, "Oh my's going to take foreverrrr to get to 400!!" but it actually went by a lot faster than I thought! I enjoyed it more than I thought, too!

It was cool to see just HOW fast their cars are going during the race, and to also see the sparks on the tires in person. There was always excitement to see what was going to happen and how quickly would the sparks be put out.

At the end of the night, I may have been dead tired, but I would definitely go to another race! It was a fun experience and I'm really glad we had the opportunity to go :)

Just follow the blimp and you'll get there!

Here ya go..if you missed it when I posted this Saturday, here are my delicious chocolate Dippin Dots!

 I still think this stage is really neat, haha.

 Right before the race started, parachuters were coming down, and I love these pictures I got of the one carrying the flag:

That last one is my favorite!

I couldn't get over the pretty colors in the sky throughout the evening--these next couple are my favorites to look at.

Having a great time!

Post race burnout on one end...

....and fireworks on the other!

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