Saturday, April 26, 2014


Several months ago, Mom got tickets for her, Abby and me to see Wicked! We went this past Thursday with a group of students and staff from Highland Springs HS, and let me just tell you, it was fantastic!

Our seats were in the balcony, front row, and I loved our view! I love looking down on performances because there's so much to see that you may miss when sitting on ground level. To start, the Altria Theater is just so pretty inside!

I am in the middle of reading Wicked, and I wasn't quite halfway through when we went to see the performance on Thursday, so I knew it'd be a bit of a spoiler for me, but I didn't care! There were so many things that I had already read that weren't shown, and what I've read since seeing the show Thursday has shown me that a few things were changed for the musical. It'll be interesting to see the differences as I continue reading the book. (I won't give too many details here, since I know some people may not have read the book yet or are still waiting to go see Wicked!)

I knew that Wicked was the history of the witches, but there were some parts of the show where I remember my jaw literally dropped when something was revealed and I was thinking, "who would've EVER thought that connection?!" It even showed how some of the events of Wicked overlapped with those of the Wizard of Oz! It was amazing!! 

Here's us after the show! 2 thumbs up from me!! I'd definitely recommend it, and I would SO see it again!!

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