Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our First Yard Sale

Today, we had our first yard sale at our house and it was VERY successful! The weather was perfect, we had a great turnout, and definitely came out way ahead with our earnings! (Yep...really excited about that! haha)

We've been planning this yard sale for several months now, as we're still moving stuff to our house from our parents' houses.  It had gotten to the point where I was finally okay with parting with stupid stuff (I'll probably never need my French workbook from two years ago again...) and we just had a lot of good stuff that other people could get use out of!

When we told people we were having a yard sale, we got a lot of mixed reactions, from "Oh, good! Let me know when it is." to, "but you've only been there a do you have stuff to get rid of already?" Well, put it this way, 75% of the stuff at our yard sale never had a spot in our house other than an assigned "Yard Sale Box." The only things we actually DID use at some point while living here, were clothing items, which we had a lot of! It got to the point where we were like, "no, whatever, they can think what they want (because everyone always will), but they don't realize this is all stuff we don't even use! It has to go!

We honestly spent the whole week preparing for our sale: I made posters, Matt hung them up; we set the tables up in our garage so we could organize everything, and we were out there every night this week, except Thursday, setting up. I made signs so everything was labeled--and I will totally accept the compliment a lady gave, when she came through and said this was the most organized yard sale she'd ever seen! You better believe it was!

Sidenote: I was really glad Mom got here early this morning to help us set up, because we still had some things that needed to be labeled (because they were things we just picked up last night! haha--and she helped us make some signs to hang, too. Thanks, Mom :)

In addition to all of our clothes, we had a lot of old (but still really good!) toys, books, dorm room/housewares items (can we talk about how excited I was when someone bought the phone that I only used in my room as a RA? haha), lamps, etc., etc. Mom also had a couple of tables set up, and Abby had some things that I mixed in with mine--but don't worry, we kept track of which of her items sold so that she'll get her proper earnings ;)  We also had a couple of TVs that we were getting rid of.  To show that they were working, Matt brought out our DVD player and had movies playing all morning. We watched Finding Nemo, Frozen and Shrek. If anything, I'm glad that TV didn't sell, because watching the movies made sitting out there a lot more fun!

I'm so glad our yard sale date finally arrived, because I had boxes sitting in my room upstairs that I couldn't wait to get out! Now, the room feels a little bit more open now that the boxes aren't just sitting there taking up space!

After our last customers came through, we boxed up everything that was left. Even with all of the items that were sold throughout the day, we STILL filled up the back of Matt's truck with boxes and bags that we took to Goodwill! I find it cool, because I buy most of my dress pants at Goodwill now--because you can finally some really good name brand pants that have barely been worn!--and I sent about seven pair of Goodwill dress pants back to Goodwill today. Time for someone else to get some good use out of them :)

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Jessi Wilson said...

Sounds like y'all had a great day. Save the earnings for something special. And I love shopping at the goodwill. And i would have extremely surprised if your first yard sake wasn't planned and awesimely organized. And you were playing my favorite movies.