Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Thumbs Up to Capital Ale House

It's rare these days that I receive GREAT customer service, so after an experience yesterday, I have to share it with you all!

Yesterday morning, I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that the Flying Squirrels posted this picture saying that you could go to any of the three Richmond Capital Ale House locations, purchase a beer--particularly Chin Music, the new beer of the Richmond Flying Squirrels--and get the glass for free, until glasses ran out! I knew Matt would be all over this. However, since newsfeeds get all jacked up sometimes, even though I saw that post on Thursday morning, it was really posted Wednesday afternoon. So, I was afraid that was only a Wednesday evening thing.

Anyway, I waited until later in the day and called the downtown Capital Ale House to find out more info. I spoke to an employee named Derek who was EXTREMELY helpful! I told him I had seen the post on Facebook and wanted to know if that was just something that was going on Wednesday, or was it still going on. He said the free glass with purchase of a beer was over, but they were still selling the glasses they had left for $2 a piece.  I asked if he thought they'd still have any left by Thursday evening, and he said they should still have some by then, but I could tell he didn't want to promise anything to me. Finally, he said, "well, you said you're definitely coming tonight, right?" And I told him I was. He said, "I can reserve some for you and put your name on many would you like?" I asked for 4, he took my name, and he said they'd be waiting whenever I got there. I was so excited and thanked him a bunch of times for being so helpful!

I called Matt once I got off the phone with him and told him the glasses weren't free anymore, but I had four reserved for $2, but you know Matt, that's a steal for glasses, as he said! haha

Later yesterday evening, we finally decided to head out. When we got there and looked over the menus, Matt saw two names at the top and said, "Well, looks like you spoke to the executive chef today when you called!" Sure enough. ha. No big deal, I just thought it was pretty cool.  We ordered 2 things of fries to eat while we were there--we'd already eaten dinner--which were DELICIOUS, had a wonderful server AND, the best part? We ended up getting the glasses for free anyway! Talk about a great night!

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