Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Disney Trip: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our second day at Disney was spent at Hollywood Studios! We learned a lesson from the first day (more like, I just took Matt's advice), and went back to our hotel room for a few hours in the middle of the day, to get out of the park when the temperatures were close to 100 degrees. That was probably the best decision we Matt ever made.

I'll go ahead and warn you now: like I said for the Magic Kingdom, I would take a picture of the castle at any opportunity I had!! In Hollywood Studios, for me, that was Tower of Terror!!

The security guy that checked our bag was probably the nicest one we met during our whole time at Disney. As he looked through our bag, he saw all of our Disney books, including the Hidden Mickey book we borrowed from Mom. He said, "well, to get you started, here's your first not-so-hidden Mickey" and pointed to this Mickey up here right at the park entrance!

To start our day, we headed to my favorite ride, Tower of Terror!

We had Fast Passes for this ride that started at 9:20am. We had gotten there when the park opened at 9:00am and went straight to Tower of Terror anyway. The wait was only 10 minutes, so we got in the regular line and went on and rode it! Once we finished and briefly walked through the gift shop, we just walked around the building to the entrance, got in the Fast Pass line this time (since it was now 9:20) and rode it again! No complaints here!

Here's Rockin Roller Coaster. Although we didn't ride it this time, I do know that it's a fun ride!

The Great Movie Ride is so fantastic!
You sit in this car-type vehicle and basically ride through scenes of famous movies!!
They have some live actors in the scenes, and your tour guide interacts with them too, making it even more fun!

Outside of the ride, there are all of these hand prints (and foot prints) of actors and characters--it's very cool! Unfortunately, I was taking them so quickly trying to hurry up that I wasn't checking to make sure they were all coming out, and most of them didn't :(  oh well.

Daisy and Donald!

 I just couldn't stop laughing at the name of this shop!

Love the illusion here....That's Hollywood for ya!

Lights, Motors, Action! was an incredible stunt show!! I think it tops both of our lists as one of our most favorite things we did/saw in Disney!

After seeing this show, I'll never be able to watch car chases in movies without thinking about how they actually film them!

The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground area is so neat--it's huge and makes it seem like you've really been shrunk down in the back yard!

Phineas and Ferb!

Outside of the Star Wars ride, Star Tours, they have a show where they bring kids up and train them to be jedis and fight Darth Vader. It was cute to watch, but some of the kids had no idea what they were doing, ha.

We had lunch at Pizza Planet from Toy Story!! I'm glad we did, just to say we've eaten there.

They had arcade games all throughout the place, but they didn't have a claw machine--seriously?! Why wouldn't they have a claw machine??

This is my family's favorite restaurant to eat at:

This Sorceror Mickey is just outside the park entrance. I took these pictures when we were leaving to head back to our room for a little bit.

When we got back to the park, our first stop was the Indiana Jones show.

Waiting in line..

This guy is Harrison Ford's stunt double.

After that portion of the show, they did some more behind the scenes stunt performances..very cool!

This is where we ate dinner:
Helpful tip: make your dinner reservations ahead of time. We had reservations at 6:00-something and arrived 15 minutes early. There were A LOT of other people there --without reservations-- who were waiting, too. We ended up getting seated BEFORE our reservation time!

Two more characters I would've loved to have gotten my picture taken with.
They were right around the corner from where we had dinner, but by the time we finished, they were gone for the day :(

When we went in to eat, it was drizzling ever so slightly. When we came out, the skies looked like this:

 Matt's favorite souvenir: his personal custom made lightsaber!

I love getting pressed coins, so we came prepared!

I loved seeing all of the "neons" turned on ;)

As the sky got darker and the storm got closer, I have to say, the coolest and most ironic thing was seeing lightning behind the Tower of Terror. I so wish I had gotten a picture of that!!

We had done pretty much everything we wanted to at Hollywood Studios, with the exception of seeing the night show, Fantasmic.  We ended up standing in line in the rain for a little while for it because I really really really wanted to see it. I mean, Sorceror Mickey was going to be there.
Then they made an announcement that the show was going to be post-poned 30 minutes. 
Matt finally convinced me that we didn't know if that show would be post-poned again or what else could happen, so we finally just headed towards the buses and called it a day.
Turns out, Fantasmic ended up being canceled because the weather was only getting worse, but luckily we were already in line before the rest of the crowds headed to the buses!

A great end to another great day!

So long, Hollywood Studios!

Next up: Animal Kingdom!

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