Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Disney Trip: Epcot

The last park we needed to visit was Epcot! When I was younger and we would go to Disney, this used to be one of the more "boring" parks to me....especially walking around all of the countries at the World Showcase.  Sure, there were rides that we rode that I enjoyed of course! This time around, I really enjoyed it! It's fun to see how you see things different when you go to Disney as a kid and then again as an adult!

There aren't as many rides as Epcot as there are at the other parks, so I don't have many ride pictures to share. What pictures we did take on rides are all on Matt's phone, and I don't want to be the one to text Matt while he's working and ask him to send me those pictures, haha.

Some of our first stops were the Innoventions buildings..

Starting to head around the world through all the countries:

Even in Florida, Matt can't get away from work!
(He services a Rose & Crown here.)

This was the building in Norway, and since that is where Arendelle, Elsa & Anna's kingdom from Frozen is located, they had some Frozen features inside the building. Not many..just a few.

We left Epcot just after lunchtime and headed to Downtown Disney for lunch and a little bit of shopping. It was HOT because there's so little shade around, plus, they're doing a lot of construction so you have to take long ways around to get where you want to go...it was a little frustrating. But, I definitely had to get this picture! :)

We went back to Epcot later that evening for the fireworks/light show. We knew ahead of time that we needed to get there early to get a good spot, which we did. I thought we were looking out over an outdoor seating area for a restaurant, which it still may have been, but it ended up being a wedding reception! How cool!

This building is where they had the World Cup playing the whole time! haha

So pretty!

Loved the lights on the sidewalks..

So long, Epcot!

Even though I've shown pictures of all the parks now, we still have one more day of our time in Disney to share, and still several more posts to look forward to! :)

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