Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Disney Trip: What We Carried in the Parks

While we were in Disney, I thought of the idea for this blog post. We only carried one backpack with us in the parks each day, and I'm so thankful Matt was happy to carry it every long day (don't worry, I did always offer). It seemed like we always had exactly what we needed, even though I'd still be paranoid that we were forgetting something, so I thought it would be a good idea to just list out what we carried with us. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone planning a trip in the future!

  • Rain coats: we never actually used these for the little bit of rain there was during our trip, but, had we not brought them each day, you know it would have poured! haha. Plus, we used them to wrap around my camera when I wasn't using it.
  • Disney books: we had several Disney books that we carried around with us each day to keep us busy during lines, while we were sitting down taking a break, or just for whenever really! We borrowed this Hidden Mickey book from my mom, but there's a much more recent edition now! Then, a few days before our trip, we went to Barnes and Noble and got this Birnbaum Guide book and this Hidden Magic of Disney World book. For the Birnbaum Guide-there's a kids version and an adult version. This may sound stupid, but we got bought the kids version because the adult version had far less pictures. We were thinking, we already have these other two books with a lot of writing in them, let's just have one book we can flip through quickly and have the pictures to look at...I loved it (as much as I did when I was a kid and we had them for our trips!).
  • Our camera: well obviously, this was a given. We have this camera, if you're interested.
  • Water bottles: this was probably the smartest thing we did on the whole trip. We brought three water bottles with us to fill up while we were in the park. The first day, we learned the water from the water fountains was hot and gross, so we came up with a better idea. Each morning before we left the resort, we filled up all three water bottles with ice from the machine right near our room. In the Camelbak water bottle, since it was on the outside pocket, it melted kind of quickly, but at least we had cold water in the the early hours. The two water bottles inside the bookbag--one was a metal, insulated bottle and the other was basically a thermos--so we had ice and a little bit of water all day. With as hot as it got, we were so thankful we didn't have to constantly buy water while we were there.
  • Snacks: you're also allowed to take snacks into the park, so about 1/3 of our suitcase flying down was food! haha. But, by doing that, we also knew we'd have room to bring home souvenirs.  We took several types of crackers, several boxes of fruit snacks, and a box of ziploc bags. Then, each day, we'd just pack up a few bags and throw them in our bag!
  • Smaller items: hand sanitizer, napkins, bobby pins (my hair often has a mind of its own...especially in the heat), pennies and quarters--for the pressed penny and quarter machines!, phone charger (just in case), and I'm sure there were some other things, but I just can't seem to think of what they were!

Happy Friday!

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