Friday, August 1, 2014

A Day in the Life of Maple

Mornings are sometimes ruff.

I usually wake up twice: once around 4:00 am with deddy (this is how we say DADDY for all you northerners). Then again about two hours later when I wake up momma. I use to wake up at exactly 6:37 am every day, but I will now wake up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 now.

I wake momma up by moving around on the bed and pawing at her (gently, most of the times) as if I'm saying, "momma, wake up and play with me!" Sometimes, she convinces me to lay down for a few more minutes, but then she can tell I just really need to go, so I hear my favorite words: "wanna go ou'side?" I LOVE to go outside to I start prancing around the bed room, jumping around waiting for momma to get up.

After that, I then eat breakfast, and then I pretty much have a very relaxed day: I love to lay around and gnaw on my toys. I'm not like my cousin, Annie...I don't destroy toys within 5 minutes of having them :)

Or momma will do something weird like this for me before she leaves.. (she thinks it's funny. I, on the other hand, don't see anything funny at all).

Sometimes, I play weird games with momma.
Like when she was moving my bed from the bedroom back into the den, I kept getting back in it and laying down so she couldn't move it.

Or, I'll try to sneak away, get back in bed, and hide in the covers.

One of momma's favorite things about me is my ears...aren't they cute??

I seriously just LOVE to snuggle up with my people!

 I love when deddy gets home and I can play with him!

When we're all home in the evening, I find some way to snuggle up with everyone, no matter how little space there is left on the sofa.

At night, most times I'm very content sleeping on the bed....

...but other times, I'm deliriously tired and keep momma and deddy laughing when I'd rather sleep on a pile of dirty clothes that momma didn't get to...

Oh! And I've been to the river twice and made some new doggy friends!! Do you want to see some of those pictures? Let my momma know and will get started on that blog to show you all the fun I had! :)

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