Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Randoms / Love List

So, I definitely am working on that blog post with pictures of Maple and her dog friends at the river, but I think molasses pours quicker than my computer functions right now. It's ridiculous. I've literally been trying all morning to load pictures onto my computer for that post, but it's just not cooperating with me right now, and I have other things I'd like to get done today. Because I still wanted to have a post for today, here are just some random thoughts for the day!

Our Vacation Bible School at church was last week. Matt and I stepped up and had bigger roles in helping plan this year, which was cool to be on a different side of things this year.  It was also weird not being in charge of Crafts, which we have done for the past several years, but it still stayed in the family, as Mom was one of the Craft teachers this year!

Maple had a not-so-pleasant experience Tuesday night while walking through the backyard. All was fine and dandy...we were walking back towards the house, when she darted towards the garage. I thought she saw a grasshopper-she LOVES to chase grasshoppers (so much, that we'll make it an evening event to ask her, "you wanna go look for grasshoppers?" She can't focus on the smaller ones; only the big ones. It's hilarious!), but when she turned around and looked and me and I saw her mouth dripping with foam, I only knew it couldn't have been a grasshopper.  I looked past her and saw a frog, that somehow survived, flip itself back over and just sit there. I'm in the backyard, yelling for Matt, who's inside cooking dinner, and he finally came out to help me.  Maple hates water, so while she's standing there producing more foam than you would think is possible, Matt's holding her still, and I'm gently spraying her mouth off with a hose. Poor thing. It was funny, but I felt so bad for her while she looked like Fang.

Is it just me, or does anyone else love the soreness you feel after a good workout of lifting weights? haha. Which, by the way, I REALLY think I need this shirt. It's perfect!

Matt and I went out to dinner earlier this the two of us. After it had been rescheduled numerous times. I can't even tell you the last time we did that! And it finally got to the point where we decided we wouldn't reschedule it anymore because then we'd really never get to go! We went to Longhorn, and only went there because we had a coupon.....which leads me to my next thing....

I love having coupons....but I've noticed lately that more and more places I guess aren't scanning them properly or something, I don't know, but you better believe I catch it.  Our waitress at Longhorn, who already wasn't that impressive (we're giving her the benefit of the doubt and going with she was new), didn't apply our $4 off coupon to our dinner. Rather than wait for her to come back (because let's face it, it would have been probably another 10-15 minutes...), Matt brought out his inner Elsa and let it go and said, "oh well, that extra money was going to be her tip, but it's her loss now." Also, at Martin's, all of my coupons haven't been ringing up properly, buy 1 get 1 deals don't always ring up, and the prices for using a Martin's card don't come off either. Since we do most of the grocery shopping together, I stand and watch everything ring up, because I know what everything should be ringing up as, and Matt bags up our groceries, because 9 times out of 10, there's no one there to bag up our groceries. This all might sound stupid to some people, but we plan out our shopping trips extremely well, so when we get up to the register, all needs to go as planned!

I really like these Farmers Market Baskets from Anthropologie. I think they would be good to hold all of the vegetables we've gotten out of our garden, as well as the ones Papa and Joyce have given us from their garden, too! But, I'm hoping that maybe I can catch them on sale or something at the end of summer....not sure I love them enough to pay $20 for one. I know, I'm cheap.

Summer break is almost over...that's depressing, so the countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks will start soon :)

And, although summer is coming to an end, I am, in a way, ready for fall and the holiday season....pumpkins, the 13 Nights of Halloween, the countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas, the 25 Days of Christmas, Christmas.....haha. And that whole season will fly by!! Which reminds me, I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday, so it only seems appropriate to share now:

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