Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Disney Trip: The Last Day

We spent our last day in Disney reliving some of our favorite Disney moments, as well as some other secrets that will be in a separate post to themselves later this week ;) I'll give you a hint-you've already seen a few in my other posts without knowing it!

We went back and forth about what we'd do on our last day, but I'm so happy with what we decided. We spent the first few hours at Hollywood Studios, and spent the last few hours at Magic Kingdom. I feel there's no better way to end your Disney trip than at the Magic Kingdom, am I right??

Of course I waited until the last day to take pictures of our room! 
I must say, we are really missing that king sized bed! But, we wouldn't trade being kicked all through the night by our sweet Maple :)

Funny story about that bottle of Coke: that is our last of THREE bottles. 
We didn't have any drinks with us in the room, so one night early in the week, we just ordered some wings and three 2 liters of Coke so we could be sure to have drinks for the rest of the week.  I tell you what though, although the Coke was refreshing at times, I'm pretty sure both of our bodies went into sugar overload that week because we so rarely drink soda! haha
Here's the one picture from our last time walking through Hollywood Studios---my turn for a picture!

We did, however, make sure to ride Tower of Terror again! That ride definitely does not disappoint, y'all!! :)

On to the Magic Kingdom!
When we I stopped for a bathroom break (let's be real, it was always me), I'm so glad Matt took this picture outside, because I didn't even realize it, but these are the lanterns from Tangled!

I finally got my Mickey shaped ice cream :)

Woody and Jessie!

And we finally rode the train on the last day, which was pretty fun.

A cool thing about going BACK to the park again is that there really is so much you miss the first time around!
These buildings right here...we completely missed them the first time. The shooting range that we went to on our first day is off to the left of the bottom picture, but I guess after stopping there, we turned around and went back the way we came, but we never went through the rest of Frontierland right here.

We went back to the same restaurant we had dinner at previously, and seriously, can you ask for a better view? What a great last meal in Disney!

I'm so glad we splurged about fifty cents for this Mickey straw for me to sit at the table looking ridiculous taking these next pictures! haha

Oh, Main Street....I love it!

We had to be back at our resort so that we could catch the Disney Magical Express bus back to the airport, so we planned a little bit of time so we could walk through all of the movies around our resort before we left.

Here is the main pool with a Fantasia theme.

First stop, Toy Story.

In to Andy's room:

There is one Hidden Mickey at the All-Star Movies Resort and the only clue we had was that it is in Andy's room. Matt found it right away!

Next, is Fantasia:

Then, Herbie Fully Loaded!

101 Dalmatians!

We had to walk through the 101 Dalmatians part every morning on our way to breakfast and the buses, and every morning I'd start singing "Kanine Krunchies" from the commercial in the movie. I know you can barely see it, but it's written on these bones:

Finally, here's where we stayed: Mighty Ducks!
So, naturally, every time we walked through, Matt would chant, "duckduckduckduck..." haha.

You have to walk through these hockey masks to get to the stairs/elevators.

Well, that's most of our pictures that have been shared!
Still a few more posts to come, though!! :)

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