Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Disney Trip: Magic Kingdom

For our first day in Disney (Wednesday), there was no question that we'd go to Magic Kingdom.

To start with, we were both just tiiiiiired all day long really. The day before, Tuesday, Matt had been up since 4:00, and me since about 5:00, 5:15. We'd both been at work all day, rushed home to finish packing and grabbed a quick dinner with our parents before catching our flight. After two flights and riding the Disney Magical Express bus to our resort hotel, we finally got to our room at 2:00am on Wednesday. We were tired, but awake. We didn't go straight to bed, and walked around the resort for just a few minutes before finally going back to go to sleep. Then, Wednesday morning, my alarm started going off at 7:00 for us to get up, get ready, eat breakfast, and head out to the park.

While at the Magic Kingdom, it would hit us both at different times how dead tired we were, but we made it through...alllllll day long.  Regardless of how tired we were at some points, we had a LOT of fun, and thankfully, there are some relaxing things to do at Disney, as well! :)

Here are a TON of pictures from our fun day in the Magic Kingdom!! I will go ahead and warn you--I pretty much took as many pictures of Cinderella Castle as I could...from any view that I could! haha.

Also, I'm not sure if it's just my really old, slow computer or the fact that I'm putting a zillion pictures in one post, but sometimes the post won't load all of the pictures. It shows an outline of where the pictures should be, and sometimes I have to right click on it, click "reload" and the pictures usually show up. If this doesn't work for you, please let me know, because of course I want you to be able to see all the pics! 

There it is! Beautiful!

When we first got there, we passed all of the big, more popular rides, and headed kind of towards the back, in Fantasyland. And here's why:

No one!
We walked straight up and got on the Barnstormer, and we were by ourselves on the ride!

We got off that and went over to ride Dumbo, which is pretty much a must when you go to Disney, in my opinion.

Then we headed over to Tomorrowland to knock another ride out, that typically has a long line (and we only waited 15 minutes). 
Sidenote: we are PROS at beating lines. You'll read about it throughout the coming Disney posts! :)

The Castle from the Speedway.

I was so excited to ride the carousel after this scene in Saving Mr. Banks.

A GREAT ride: The Haunted Mansion. Of course, a haunted mansion is dark inside, so no pictures of this awesome ride.

Would you expect anything less from me...of course I had to go in here :)

The Hall of Presidents--one of the attractions you really aim for in the middle of the day. They really keep the a.c. going in there, haha.

How stinkin' cute are the mice from Cinderella?! They were the only characters I actually attempted to go get my picture taken with, but when I went to get in line, the girl told me, "Oh, I'm sorry, they have to leave for about 30 minutes...they have to go finish Cinderella's dress!"  It was hard to be disappointed with that excuse!

We were planning to eat lunch at Be Our Guest, which we were excited about, but the wait was kind of long, we were starving (and tired) and didn't feel like standing and waiting in the long line. So we skipped out on that (maybe next time! :) and found another great place!

We ate here instead:

Here we go, another ride you can't miss: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

haha, you can so tell how much fun Matt was having! Love it :)

This ride will always be weird to me, haha. But we did it anyway!

We stopped at an arcade a few games. Even I couldn't pass up this Cars racing game!
(I was Mater and lost HORRIBLY! ha!)

Then we played Pacman Smash, which was really like Air Hockey with all of those pucks you see on the table at the same time (so, Abby, how we used to play at home all the time! haha). Here's our final score..

...yeah, yeah, yeah... ha.

Thank you kind stranger for offering to take our picture (because I was obviously failing at a selfie) and taking several decent pictures for us! :)

We came around the corner at just the right time--there was a show going on in front of the castle!
We didn't have a terrific view, but I was still able to get some pictures!

This is one of my favorite pictures I took of the castle, right at the end of the show, with Micky and Minnie over on the right.

Walking around Tom Sawyer's Island was a relaxing part of the day! It was fairly quiet over there, too, which was kind of nice.

We found a picnic table along the paths, and sat to rest for a while, eat some snacks, and read through our Disney trivia and Hidden Mickey books. These lizards were around us and freaked me out, but Matt loved them!

After walking around Tom Sawyer's Island, we watched this great parade!
I wish we could've gotten closer to the front of the rope line, but I we had a pretty good view, and I got the best pictures I could.

 Haha, how funny are Buzz's eyes at this exact second?!

Our final scores...I blame my extremely low score on trying to take too many pictures...
I'm sticking with that reason..

I just really don't even know. I guess I focus better with one eye closed...hahaha

Returning the favor to some more strangers! haha

Tigger and Pooh!

The lights along Main Street at night time....I LOVE IT.

We also (at the last minute) watched the Electrical Parade that night. We didn't get a spot within the roped off area along the streets, so we watched from inside the candy store....not great pictures, but it's okay.

Then we headed back over to the castle, and had a fairly decent spot, for the Wishes fireworks/projector was so pretty!

"....when you wish upon a star...."

 So long, Magic Kingdom!

The next Disney post will be our time in Hollywood Studios (previously MGM--which I can't stop calling it!).

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