Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pendleton Christmas

We had the Pendleton Christmas the weekend after Christmas, because everyone is always so busy running from one house to another, etc.  Plus, this way we definitely have more time to spend together!

We usually do finger foods and appetizers rather than a sit down meal, so we can snack all evening and socialize!  

At Thanksgiving, it was decided to have a tacky sweater contest...which turned into tacky outfits!  (I even had to text Aimee ahead of time to see if a t-shirt could qualify instead of a sweater, haha.)  There was everything from classic Christmas sweaters, to "I'm just going to glue this here, and glue that there...yep, that looks good" shirts (oh yeah, that was mine, ha), to planned out sweaters and outfits (Abby's and Alison's, obviously!), to Alexander and Victoria's creative ideas: crazy cat lady, and The Day After Christmas!  It was so fun to see what everyone would wear.  Everyone voted on their favorites and the winner won scratch off tickets!!

We also do a crazy gift exchange, which is always really entertaining!  

Hope you enjoy these pictures of the evening's festivities!

I made Memaw's cheeseball! It was so delicious!

Matt cuddling with the Sant'Anna's new puppy, Roxy! She's such an adorable little thing!

Alison and Alex.
Alison looks like she stepped out of Whoville!

Alison and Xel

Love these next two of Alison, Victoria and Alexander!

You guys, my shoes had a little bit of heel to them. I'm positive Alexander will be taller than me the next time I see him!!

Lots of yummy food!

Jacquelyn and Declan

Abby passing out gifts

Probably the best picture of the evening!

Alexander had one of those little magic puzzles that we was working so hard to figure out!

That's the smile of someone who is proud of themself for figuring it out!

Now, he has to figure out how to put it back together!

Declan reading to me

Alison was the winner of our tacky shirt/outfit contest.  
Everyone couldn't wait to find out how much she won!

Lots of gifts!

No idea what's going on here...

Papa got cash....and immediately put it in his pocket! haha

Papa got a huge box of presents! 

Aimee was really exicted about something! 

My Aunt Diane made a photo book for Papa of all his kids, grandkids and great-grandkids..everyone enjoyed looking at it!

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Nina Diane said...

Love all of the pictures, especially the pic of Alex and Xel.....haha!!! We do have fun don't we?