Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Fresh Start

We spent all day taking down our Christmas decorations; Matt did the outside and I did the inside.  In addition to taking everything down, I was also reorganizing all of our Christmas decoration boxes.  During Christmastime, Matt asked me about the boxes and why "this" was in "that" box.  It made NO sense to him, but I knew exactly what it meant.  The boxes may not have made any sense at all,, but I knew where everything was! haha.  Now, the boxes are more organized (but I know not perfect).  I made a list for each box for what was included, and for the most part, like things are in the same box.  The next step will be making actual labels for the boxes.  Hopefully next Christmas will be a bit easier when it comes to decorating!
I love starting every year off with a new planner!  If only you had been with me when I went to pick this one out.  Poor Matt was with me, trying to get other shopping done, but instead, our trip ended up with me chasing him around Target with 2 or 3 planners in my hand because I couldn't decide which one to get! haha

I ended up getting this Sugar Paper planner and some colored pens--I love having everything color coordinated! But, since only 4 came in this pack, I need to find more colors, haha. (The important things, right?)

So, step one of my 2015 to-do list item of organizing anything is complete! I have my planner started for the year, and hopefully it will help keep my life least a little bit.

I've been searching Pinterest high and low for other ways to organize some things, too.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for storing/organizing my scarves! I'll be sure to let you know the outcome of that!

On another note, since Christmas, I've been hooked on watching the new Hallmark movies that come on every Saturday night at 9:00.  Last week's movie, Surprised by Love, was great, and so far, tonight's movie, A Novel Romance, is too!  If you need something to watch, I highly recommend them :)

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