Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas at The Jefferson

Every Christmas, I lovvvve going to The Jefferson to see the Christmas decorations!!  For the most part, the decorations are the same every year, with the exception of the gingerbread display, but I don't care!  Everything is SO beautiful and I could really just sit there all night, every night, taking in all the lights and decorations and not get tired of it!  Anyone else with me??

The day after Christmas, we all headed down to The Jefferson to walk around, and went to dinner afterwards.  I know I take my camera with me every year, but I try to get a few different pictures each time.  However, you will find that my favorite decorations and favorite things to take pictures of (and the way I take them) are mostly still the same, haha....but hopefully some of this year's pictures will show improvement from last year!

This year's Gingerbread creation:

Matt taking pictures with his GoPro:

Mom discovered these alligators hidden in the small Christmas trees!

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