Monday, April 16, 2012


WOW.  So last week was definitely not the week for blogging. I'm not even sure where last week went.  So much was going on and there were so many assignments/tests to study for, it was insane.  And yet, I haven't decided if I'm glad it's all over!

There's not really a theme to today's post, just a bunch of random bullets of things that have been going on.  Hope you enjoy, and I hope I'll be a better blogger this week!

  • I officially only have 9 days left of classes for my Undergrad. That's only 12 more classes. Then 4 finals.  Then Senior Week festivities.  Then the big one: GRADUATION.  Then my super graduation trip my wonderful mother is taking me on :)
  • Last week, my RA Staff (Hams/Nades) finally had our Campus Wide Event that we had all been anxiously awaiting.  Our event was Life Sized Games, including bowling, Scrabble, Angry Birds, Whack a Mascot*, Chutes and Ladders**, Cards and Candyland.  The neat thing about this? All of the games were made out of recyled materials---except for a few things.  For instance, the bowling pins that Kaitlyn and I worked on were made by tracing, cutting and sewing up fabric, but the bowling pins were stuffed with balled up newspapers/papers from recycling bins, etc.  The Candyland tree that had to have been over 6 feet tall? Made all from cardboard boxes & bulletin board paper.  I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous that these games wouldn't turn out, but they DID, and it was a lot of fun (and pretty exhausting once the night was over!).
    *Whack a Mascot was, of course, a play off of Whack a Mole.  If you didn't know, Longwood is now a part of the Big South Conference.  All of the schools in the conference were represented in Whack a Mascot by a stuffed animal / doll that was painted or dressed up as each school's mascot.  It was TERRIFIC.

    **The Chutes and Ladders concept will probably only be understood by those who go to Longwood or know something about this aspect of our school.  Instead of having "chutes" and "ladders," we had "rotundas" and "crowns." << if you land on a rotunda, you have to go back down, and if you land on a crown, you get to go ahead....get it??? >> 
  • This past weekend was Spring Weekend.  And even though I've been to three Spring Weekends (yes, only three. I was at mine & Matt's 3rd prom during Spring Weekend freshmen year :), this was ABSOLUTELY the best one ever! I think this was mostly because  I played Oozeball* this year on the great Cunninghams RA team.  We did GREAT.  We made it to the 3rd round and then lost that game by ONE. POINT.  It was quite the sad moment, but I'm not sure I'm really that upset about it.  I great have so much fun with some wonderful people, and really, if you have fun, doesn't that make you a winner??  This was also the first Spring Weekend I didn't work a booth for an organization.  Mostly, that's because my time at Longwood is coming to an end, and that means so is my involvement in organizations I've been a part of.  I didn't get to walk around through the booths, I bought a couple of things and just enjoyed seeing everything.  Then, after a much needed shower [you'll see below...], I watched the rest of the Oozeball matches, took a nap, and made it out to see the Justin Moore concert.  I'd say it was a TERRIFIC day - minus the lovely sunburn you can now see on my face :)
    *Oozeball: Picture this: a sand volleyball court. All the sand taken out. Court filled with water. You now have play in.  Oh yes, it doesn't get any better than that! 
  • So even though I didn't blog but one time last week, I did think of several things to blog about....let's just hope they make it up this week!
  • I've got to start thinking about who I'm passing down my Chi/Princeps/Longwood paraphernalia to in the next couple of weeks.  I think I already know who several things are going to...I just need to finalize those decisions and pass on some great memories! Sad, sad story.
Well, I know a lot more than that happened last week, I just can't think of them all right now!!

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