Monday, April 23, 2012

Relay for Life!

This past Friday night/Saturday morning was Relay for Life at Longwood!! And we couldn't have asked for BETTER weather! It was such a good evening (although I did get cold in the early morning hours - but I get cold easily, anyway).

Mom came to Longwood for the night and we walked a few laps, bought several things from the teams and then just hung out watching everything.  And she got to experience a night of college life, haha.

The whole night made me realize that I'm going to miss my friends from Longwood & just the community of the campus.  I hung out with wonderful friends all evening - who, yes, are pretty much all RAs :) - and I wouldn't have asked for anything more.  It's also nice that Matt & I have a lot of the same friends, because then we also get to be together with everyone else.
This Princeps banner is pretty much the most amazing banner I've ever seen. I'm slightly obsessed with it!! I didn't even realize it until I was uploading the picture, that all of the spaces around the board are the residence halls & communities students can live in, and of course, P. Finn's house!

This is one of my best friends, Emily :)  She was the Relay Event Chair & I think she did a pretty good job at putting Relay together ;)

Mom, and one of my friends/classmates, Candice, carried the banner for the Survivor's lap.

This is one of my high school friends, Ashley! We were in Key Club together in high school and participated in Relay for Life then.  It occurred to me Friday night (and I immediately texted Ashley to tell her this!!) that during our senior year in high school, we were late getting to Relay because we had been at Longwood all day for ORIENTATION. HELLO?! For real?? Where has time gone?

So, you just automatically know that there are a ton of people out at Relay, but everyone is so spread out that it doesn't seem like you're so crowded or whatnot.  When everyone gathered around to watch the slideshow, I was amazed at how many people there were!

I went up on the balcony behind the Student Union to get some pictures from Emily, and then took this of Mom.

Matt was sitting over at the Phi Mu Delta/RCL Advisory Board campsite, eating dinner & minding his own business, when out of no where, he was called up to get pied in the face!

I wish I had realized this was blurry when I was looking at it on my camera :(  It's an "In Memory of" bag with Ganny's name on it, but then added "In Honor of Memaw & Mom."

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