Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 great years in RCL

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you've probably heard this numerous times, and you may or may not be tired of hearing it!  For the past two years, I've been a RA: my first year I was on the 7th floor in Curry, and most recently, I've been on the 1st floor in Main Cunninghams - both times I had freshmen residents.  These residence halls are COMPLETELY different from one another, and coming into this year, I was pretty apprehensive about working in a different building.  I was so used to how things were done in Curry and didn't want change.  I mean, there wasn't much change--we all follow the same procedures & protocol....It was working on a new staff with a new supervisor that I was most nervous about.

However, just like with anything, something good always comes out in the end.  By being on a different staff, I met many new people. I'm not going to say I liked one staff better than the other, because I like most people, but I like each of my staffs for different reasons.  Everyone brings something different to the table & I enjoy that.

This past Sunday we had the RCL (Residential & Commuter Life) End of the Year Banquet.  Everyone who works in RCL comes to this and it's a great time for all of us to get together.  This year's theme was Hollywood / Red Carpet.  Yes, there was even a red carpet!  Also, on the floor as you walked in, there were several stars (see below) and each had the titles of positions within RCL.  Even though you can't see it because of the light...this one says "RAs."

All of the RAs and DAs from each staff sat together, and it was nice because we had assigned seating, so we got to sit with people we may not have originally! Sure the RAs and DAs see each other when switching desk shifts, but we never really all hang out together.

At each of our seats, we all had our own personalized Oscar with the amount of semesters we have worked for RCL...So cool!!

(also, I don't have a picture of just this, but in the previous picture and the one below, you can see a koozie filled with candy.  These were gifts from the RA Mentors and they say. "#ResLifeProblems / Longwood University RCL.")

And for dinner, we had Chinese food! The chicken was my favorite part!!

So that's a little bit about the banquet.  Who knows, even if I'll only be at Longwood for 18 more days, I may have another post about something RCL related...we shall see!

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