Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friend time: Lindsey :)

I LOVE having photographer friends! It's so nice to see them grow and share a common interest!
One of my good friends, Lindsey, has taken pictures of Matt and me several times, and this year, we've been trying and trying to schedule time to take pictures again!

We FINALLY found time the Friday of Spring Weekend, and that afternoon, we went walking around Farmville & I think she got some great pictures [see below]!  It was also very exciting because our friend Jordan (PROOMS!! :) went around with us too! :)

So definitely be sure to check out Lindsey's blog and see other pictures she's been taking!! She was recently the second shooter with another one of our photography friends, Ashley, at a wedding this weekend, and I'm DYING to see the rest of their pics :)

She was also kind enough to take some pictures of just me to use as I'm re-"umphing" my website...more on that later ;)


Lindsey said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Pictures with you were so much fun! (:

Mallory said...

I agree! I love having you take our pics :)

Thanks again! :)

Nina Diane said...

so cute..

Love Me If You Dare said...

i love the pic. with y'all between the columns and in the archway! too cute! you also look beautiful in the picture with your hand on your hip laughing. GORGEOUS! :)