Friday, February 8, 2013

4 months til "I do"

I said Pin it Friday couldn't be done today because I had something better special to blog about. {and, okay, yes today's post is better than Wednesday's anyway!!} Today marks exactly FOUR MONTHS until wedding day! Say whaaa? I'm not sure how it approached so quickly....we've been counting down for about 16 months now and now we're this close?!

Four years ago, Matt graduated high school, ran in the Nike Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro, NC, I performed in my last dance recital, and we both attended two different colleges. We've gone to so many events for each other in the past almost 6 years and it's insane that the next big event we'll both attend is our own wedding!

I did a fun fact post when we were 5 months away from being married, so of course today's post had to be something related to Four!  All of these pictures were taken four years 2009...It was fun looking back and finding the pictures, but also crazy to realize how much time has gone by!!! {the pictures aren't in chronological order....I didn't want to spend so much time making sure they're in the correct spots!

At Yorktown Beach with Matt's parents after one of his track meets!
Matt's first time at the Law Family Reunion!
The last dance recital I was in :(
At the Seven Pines Elementary School 50th Anniversary event.  --Also where we both went to school!--
Matt's high school graduation!
On the mission trip in West Palm Beach, FL!
One of my trips to Ferrum to visit Matt!
Finally, one of our annual Christmas Eve pictures!