Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spending time with the one I love!

I know, I know, I missed putting up a blog post yesterday.  But you know what I have to say to that?  "Oh well."

Matt and I kind of made a last minute decision on what to do yesterday.  That decision put us an hour and a half down the road in Farmville for the Men's Basketball Game against High Point.  Yesterday was our last opportunity to see a Men's game this year {we also went to the Longwood/VCU game} so we decided on a quick trip!  Until we got there, Abby was the only person who knew we were going down, because I wanted to make sure she didn't have plans for dinner!  In a small break in her schedule, she was able to go to Cook-Out with Matt and me for dinner. {Which reminds me, I left my food in Matt's truck last night....hope he found it when he got home and took it in or threw it away!}

It was a great quick trip! When we first got there, we went to see Abby at work in The Village, and hung out there for a half hour or so before heading to dinner.  After that, we went to her room to see all of the things she has been crafting for sorority things, we went to the Phi Mu Delta Open House, and left from there to go to the basketball game!!  And while we had already been to a Longwood game this year, there's just nothing like being back in Willett Gym cheering for the Lancers!! And they have and awesome scoreboard and TV screen up now which I was so impressed by! For the first like fifteen-twenty minutes I kept turning to Matt and pointing to the screen saying, "did you see that?!" haha.

I will also be spending the evening today with Matt.  We're not giving gifts or anything for Valentine's Day, nor are we going out to dinner.  Instead, Tuesday night we went to Martin's and bought everything we'd need to make {for Matt to make...} dinner -including a main dish and sides-, dessert and drinks! We spent much less than we would had we decided to go out to eat.  We'd much rather save our money for events in the coming months :) 

I hope everything has a terrific Thursday, and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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