Wednesday, February 27, 2013

missing in action...

Well, I definitely missed a few days of blogging...

I got last Wednesday's post up, right? My 10 random iTunes songs.

Friday, that blog post never got up.  How come? What did I do on Friday..? I subbed, came home and relaxed just a little, and oh, right, spent over 2 hours in Cracker Barrel that night! Abby made a quick trip home last weekend and she, Mom, Auntie Sherrie and I went out to dinner.  Then, who else happens to come in and get seated at the table next to us? Yep, Matt and his parents!  After eating, I got "kicked away" from our table so that Abby, Mom, Auntie Sherrie and Matt's mom could talk about my bridal shower, which is this coming up weekend.  I walked around the Old Country Store twice, smelled every Yankee Candle on the shelves, read the
Easter Charlie Brown book, and more! Haha.  When we finally left, at 9:30pm, Matt came over and we just watched TV. And time got away from me and it was 12:00am and I was too tired!

This past come a blog didn't get up?  I subbed again, came home, had dinner, went to bells, and then went to Matt's to watch Biggest Loser.  Again, after getting home, I was too tired to write something.

I know, I know.  Excuses, excuses.  But, I love that I've been so busy and able to work, even if that means not blogging as much :(

And today, well, I don't really have a Topic to blog about today.  I writing this while I'm subbing (hey, I need to have something to occupy my time while the students are working! Haha).  I suppose that does give me a topic....In addition to my word searches and cross-word puzzle books, what do I do with my "down time" while subbing? Online puzzles! It makes the time go by, and I can stop and come back to it if I'm answering questions, passing out assignments, etc.  Since the website I use gives you the option to include a puzzle in your blog, I thought I would include a few of the ones I did today for you all to do, if you'd like!

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Nina Diane said...

have you played 4 pics one word on your phone? We are all addicted to that game now! I'm looking forward to Sunday!!