Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeling the beach right now?? Me too!

I was initially going to start this post by saying, "my favorite time of year to walk around Longwood is...." but I realize that wouldn't really be a true statement. ANY time of year is my favorite time to walk around Longwood.  In the fall, the trees along Brock Commons are gorgeous, and I'm pretty sure every fall for the past 5 years, I've walked around campus taking pictures of the reds, oranges and yellows in the trees.  Yes, five years straight of going around and taking pictures of the SAME trees! haha.  During the cold winter months, I loved walking to an 8:00am class (well, I didn't love the fact that I had an 8:00am!) and seeing a campus organization set up under that blue and white tent giving away hot chocolate and coffee! It was the perfect thing you needed when your hands were so frozen!

Then there's spring.  Springtime along Brock Commons reminds me of the beginning of fall semester too, in late August/early September.  There are ALWAYS people hanging out on Brock Commons, all the way up and down campus.  All of the fountains are cut back on and it really just makes everyone happy!!  But, the most fun part is the music.  Yep, WMLU set up out front of the Student Union, across from D-Hall, playing music that you can really hear from any part of campus.  I don't know why I love it so much, but it made walking to and from class that much more enjoyable.  I specifically remember a few times in Spring 2012 when I would be done with classes, I had just finished at the gym, and I was headed back to The Hams.  I would still have my headphones in listening to my ipod, but as I got closer and closer to The Hams, I'd realize I couldn't even hear what my ipod was playing, because all I could hear was the music out front of the Student Union {which, if you don't know, is right next to The Hams}. 

One time last Spring, there was a different type of music along Brock Commons, and on a different part of campus....luckily, it was right outside of Willett {where most of my classes were}.  A group of students were playing music that made
me feel like I was on a tropical vacation!!  Which leads me to why I'm writing about this today.  Exactly four months from today, Matt and I will be enjoying a nice, relaxing tropical vacation for our honeymoon!! I couldn't be more excited! Now, if you watch this video, I hope maybe you'll feel like you're on the beach somewhere soaking up the sun! :)

IMG 0657
from Mallory on Vimeo.

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