Thursday, February 21, 2013

iTunes Shuffle

A few posts back, I shared some of my current favorite songs.  Naturally, after I wrote it, I was remembering all these songs I thought about including but forgot! haha. Oh well! 

Today, I still wanted to share some music, but in a different way.  I opened up iTunes and the first 10 songs that played on random...I'm sharing them with you! {Now, yes, I did have to skip over some because I didn't want to make this whole post a "Christmas music post."  That was the 2010 edition of the 25 Days of Christmas! haha}

This is a huge random assortment of the types of music I listen to.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Just Can't Get Enough ~ Sam Walker (Winning London Soundtrack)
Oddly enough, I was just talking about this song the other day! You see, the first time I ever heard this song was in the Mary-Kate & Ashley movie, Winning London {which, by the way, I can quote the entire thing, if you'd like ;) }, and it's from the scene where the group is all out shopping in London.  And boy do they try on some crazy, crazy clothes!
Then, this song showed up on last week's episode of GLEE and I was super duper excited!!

2. Do They Know It's Christmas? ~ Band Aid
Well, it just wouldn't be MY iTunes if there was a Christmas song to come up, right??  I have a TON of Christmas music in iTunes {would you expect anything less??}. 
Man, listening to this song when it came up made me really anxious for November when Lite98 will be playing Christmas music 24/7!!

3. 409 ~ The Beach Boys
Well, that was a big jump.  The previous song was about Christmas, when it's usually cold, and then this song is by The Beach Boys! haha.  And, a quick sidenote story that really doesn't have to do with this song: 2 weeks ago, Matt and I were eating at Five Guys and Surfin' USA by The Beach Boys came on, and I literally stopped eating so I could sing the entire song.  The look on Matt's face saying "you've got to be kidding me right now" was priceless :)

4. Say ~ John Mayer
To be perfectly honest, I didn't remember that I had this song until I was writing this blog post. haha.  It must've been from one of my NOW CDs that--where I just load the whole CD onto iTunes without even paying attention to what songs are on it! ha.

5. All Shook Up ~ Elvis Presley
I was so glad when I found the video for this song, because I think it would've been so great to see Elvis live in concert!  

6. Hey Little Suzie ~ Billy Gilman
I received the Billy Gilman CD for my birthday or Christmas one year from Ganny and Papa.  Ganny loved country music and most of the time, when we would go to visit, she had country music videos playing on TV! Then I think she passed that love of country music to Brooke, Abby and I because when we would go spend the night over their house, we'd lay in the den floor watching more country videos before bed....and their TV stand sat on the floor so we'd literally be right up in front of it! haha.  Okay, that was a longer tangent that I expected, but back to Billy Gilman.  The music video for this song came on while I was over at Ganny & Papa's one day and I said something about really liking this song, and they remembered and got the CD for me!

7. She's No You ~ Jesse McCartney
There was a time when I was obsessed with Jesse McCartney.  How obsessed?  I changed the voicemail message on my phone to have a Jesse McCartney song playing in the background while I recorded the, "Hey, this is Mallory...sorry I missed your call....."  and if I'm remembering correctly, I'm pretty sure the end of the message, where I said something like, "...thanks for calling. Bye!"  I came back on the phone really fast and said, "AndJesseSaysByeToo!"  Yeah, I know I was weird. 

8. Feeling Good ~ Michael Buble
There isn't a lot to say about this song. I just love Michael Buble! I'm still waiting for him to do a show in Richmond again, or anywhere near VA for that matter, so Matt and I can go again! :)

9. Burning Down the House ~ Talking Heads
Every time I hear this song, I think of the following scene in Thirteen Going on 30!
{Okay, you don't need to hear the dialogue to hear the song, but the only video clip I could find isn't even in English!!}

...and I always wanna dance like Matty does, too!

10. All Star ~ Smash Mouth
I actually think of this song quite often.  When Matt and I are hanging out, I'll find myself trying to get his attention by saying, "hey now..." so then he responds by saying, "I'm an all star?"  Yes, yes you are, Matt. haha.  But I mostly think of this when I hear this song:

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