Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1 month til "I do"


In one month, Matt & I will be married?

Wasn't it just August 17, 2011 when Matt proposed?

....or January 2012 when I got my dress?

....or July 2012 when we had our cake tasting?

....or August 2012 when we took our engagement pictures?

I'm sorry, WHERE has time gone?!

As I was driving to work yesterday, I called Matt {he was already over 2 hours into his work day...} and said to him, "do you realize that a month from now, neither of us will be working/on the way to work, because we'll probably still be sleeping a little bit more or up by now {it was 7:40am when we talked} because we'll be getting ready for the rehearsal & wedding?!"
WHAT!? It's still so crazy.

And let's just take a moment to talk about how old this picture is. It's from September 2007...

I knew that figuring out what to write for today's post was going to be difficult, because I wasn't sure what ONE thing I could say about Matt & me.  However, one day while I was subbing in one of my favorite 6th grade math classes, it just came to me! I'm going to write all about how ONE person {Matt, of course} has so many roles to me and does so many things for me!  Yeah, this post may seem too lovey-dovey to some, haha.

He supports me.
-Matt always tells me I can do whatever I want. Meaning, I can do whatever I set my mind to.
-He also keeps me going when I want to finish something but don't have the strength or energy to cross the finish line, figuratively and literally {i.e. the Monument Avenue 10K}.

He's my best friend.
{But in order to get the full effect, you have to imagine Mater from Cars saying "my best friiiiiiiend" with a bit of a country twang.}
-Matt probably understands more than what I actually tell him.
-He probably also doesn't want to hear half of what I tell him, but listens anyway.

He makes me laugh.
-Matt always knows how to make me laugh.  Always.  End of story.

He cooks for me.
-Okay, this heading should've been in all-caps or included a few exclamation marks at the end, but I wanted to keep the headings consistent, haha!  I have to be one of the luckiest girls in the world because I mess up 95% of the things I try to cook, but Matt loves to cook! And his food is so fantastic! His pork loin, sauteed onion & roast beef sandwiches, and, what was it, grilled peanut butter and jelly {like a panini}! Soooo good!

He lets me make decisions.
-That should really probably say, "he MAKES me make decisions!" haha. I hate making decisions, like where to eat, what movies to watch, etc., but at least he does let me decide! He could just say "We're going to Qdoba for dinner tonight and then watching The Avengers, just like every other night." Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, and while I do love both Qdoba & The Avengers, I'm sure I couldn't do that every night, so I like giving my options, too :)

He lets me vent.
-And boy do I vent. haha.

He puts up with me when I take pictures.
-Okay, this is a really big thing, because I like to document EV-ER-Y-THING. All the time. haha.  I just like to document all the things we do because I like to remember all the things we do together and the things we see.  It's all about a little thing I like to call "memories." ha. Plus, I need to have lots of pictures of us for when I want to do re-cap blogs, and "over the years" type blogs, and such. Duh, have to think of future blog posts! haha

annnnnnd let's be real. I could go on and on, adding tons of things to this list, just showing how lucky I am to have Matt, but, I won't bore you all with everything! haha.

love you Matt! <3>

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