Monday, May 13, 2013

Our 6 Year Anniversary!!

This past Saturday, Matt & I spent our last "free day" before the wedding to celebrate our 6 year anniversary a couple days early!

You see, on May 12th 2007, we went to our first prom together.  We were just "dating" at the time, and not officially "boyfriend and girlfriend."  After my dance recital, prom and a not so great after-prom, I took Matt home and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. So, it was the 13th.  Actually, yesterday, May 12, 2013, was the first date we had in mind for our wedding, as it was 6 years from our first prom together.  But, obviously, our minds changed, I wanted a more summer-y wedding, which is why we still have 26 more days to go until we say "I do."

On Saturday, we had one of our rare, yet favorite date nights.  We went to CinéBistro and saw Iron Man 3.  I sure do wish that CinéBistro wasn't so pricey because I sure do love it!! However, not going so often makes it more fun, special and enjoyable when we do go!  If you've never been to CinéBistro before, you can place your order and eat while you watch the movie! Pretty cool, right? haha.  This was our third time going, and it just occurred to me that we've only been to see superhero movies--maybe we should stick with that theme! We've seen The Amazing Spiderman, Batman, and now Iron Man 3.

Anyway, I enjoyed my faaaavorite meal there {okay, so I've really only tried two meals, but this one is amazing!!}, which is the BBQ Pork Rib Stack with their Signature Cherry Coke BBQ Sauce, and of course, Sweet Potato fries! yum yum yum! What was funny was that Matt had ordered a shrimp and salmon dish, and when the girl brought us our food {she wasn't the same person who took our order}, she gave Matt the ribs and me the salmon! Apparently, I must not look like a girl who enjoys eating ribs ;) haha.  So, we waited until she left before trading plates!

I mean, come on, just LOOK at this yummy goodness!

As for the movie? Holy cow, AMAZING.  By far my favorite of the Iron Man movies, and so much action!  I was blown away by so many parts in this movie and kept thinking to myself, "I did NOT see that coming!"  There was even a time in the movie where I leaned over to Matt and said, "That girl really freaks me out!" haha.  So, if you're debating on whether or not you should go see it, I highly recommend it!

Aside from our CinéBistro date this weekend, I guess I should write about how I can't believe Matt & I have now been together for 6 years.  Who would've thought that after playing a game with our moms at a Family Night Key Club Meeting, trying to convince Matt that he should go to Key Club Convention AND run for Key Club Vice President {I was running for President....haha}, that we stop calling each other "wack" and eventually fall in love. *insert "awwwws" right here*

I could ask for a better best friend & future husband, and I'm so thankful for all that Matt has done for me over the past 6 years!  That means, he sure has put up with a lot of the annoying things I do to irritate him intentionally ;) haha. This also means that this weekend was the last time we'll actually celebrate our May 13th anniversary.  Sure we'll always remember it - come on, you KNOW I won't ever let Matt forget!! - but starting next year, we'll have a new anniversary to celebrate!  I guess I can be okay with leaving one behind to start a new one ;) haha Love you, Matt!

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