Friday, May 24, 2013

Our First Home!!

This week has seriously been some kind of a whirl wind!really had to make sure I made time to have a blog up today, because I have some super exciting news!!!! I'm not sure how many people already know this, because we didn't tell too many people.  Last night, Matt & I closed on our very first home!!
Crazy busy......those are really the only two words to describe it!! But, I

Back in December, we already knew of a house that we could potentially rent/buy and would eventually go and take a look at.  It belonged to one of my dad's friends, and let me tell you, the whole process seemed a lot more reassuring {at least to me} because we knew the owner. In either January or February {I can't remember..all the months run together for me now}, we went with all our parents to look through the house and Matt & I really fell in love with it! It's so great for us!  After the long process of all the "house buying" things that need to be done and looking at the price, we knew we wanted to buy it.

On Wednesday, May 8th, I got an email from Dad, and after work I called Matt and said, "what are you doing two weeks from tomorrow?" Matt's response: "Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I don't even know what I'm having for dinner." haha.  I said, "well, do you want to know what we're doing?? We're closing on our house!!"  Now, these past two weeks have gone by fast, but every day, I gave Matt the countdown until we could finally get the keys and call the house "ours."

So yesterday, after work, we met to sign all the papers, get the keys, and then we drove to the house!  First, we kind of just walked around looking at everything, even though we'd already done that a few months back.  But this time, it was OUR space.  We went to get dinner to bring back to the house and have our first meal there, so yes, we did indeed eat Qdoba in the kitchen floor, using Matt's storage containers as a table, and listening to his Pandora station.  We emptied our cars and brought in some of our gifts from the bridal shower, Matt's kitchen stuff from his apartment at school, and more shoes than Matt knew I owned ;)

For now, I'll leave you with these two pictures: 
On the left, us inside our new house.
On the right, us on the front porch.


Nina Diane said...

aww come on....that's all the pictures we get!! I want to see more...and details!! CONGRATS!! so happy for ya'll

Melody said...

This is one of my favorite posts yet! Congratulations!!

Jenny Burnett said...

AWESOME!!! WAY TO GO!! Best news all week

Lori Vann said...

Just now saw this, and while I love your wedding posts - I think we need to see more house pics!