Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Photos!

I have been SO determined to get these pictures posted no later than today!  I'm afraid that if I don't
get them up today, you won't see them until the Fall!!

Do you guys remember Riley?  I took some pictures of her back in December, after asking her mom, Kelly, if she'd be willing to let me "borrow her daughter" to have more practice taking pictures :)  Little did I know, that fun {but cold!} afternoon at Dorey Park turned into something greater! After seeing the pictures, Kelly asked me to do some family pictures for her!! I was so very excited to receive that message!  She wanted to get a bunch of family pictures done for her mother-in-law for Mother's Day, which I thought was a super fantastic idea!

Let me just start by saying, I had the most fun hanging out with these two families one afternoon down at Osborne Boat Landing, and there were times I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard with them!  We did some family photos first, and then headed to the playground! Every kid's dream, right? Playing on the play ground because
that's what you're supposed to do! hahaha.

I hope you enjoy some......okay, a lot, of the pictures from our afternoon!

This next little series was so fun to do! There were more pictures, 
but I figured you maybe didn't want me to post all of the pictures of them running towards me ;)

I love both of these pictures below, because their laughs make for great smiles :)
So, for these next few pictures, we had to have some willow tree branch holders on hand ;)

I love this big family hug picture :)

I love these next two because of Riley's expressions!


"Look, Ma, no hands!"

I love this picture, because it was one of the last few pictures I took...
...and you can just tell all the kids were ready for dinner at that point! haha

Thank you all for letting me spend some time with your families & laugh so much with you all!

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