Monday, May 6, 2013

Cell Phone Evolution

It's always kind of funny to me to see how much technology changes
over time.  And most of the time, it's taking the bigger technology systems and making them smaller & capable of storing more information!

Think about it....I remember when iPods first started coming out.  I didn't get one of the first types, but I did get one eventually-a pink one.  All it had was the small black & white screen that showed the song titles and whatnot, and it was a decent sized device.  Of course, when the iPod nano came out later, {I eventually got one of these too, which I still use}, it made it seem like that originally iPod I had was just so clunky!

On the other hand, some technology just changes shape.  Remember the originally Gameboys? Then the Gameboy Color {I had the teal one!}, and a few years later, the Gameboy Advance {I had the light bluish/clear one!}, and now there are all these fancy Gameboy devices with two screens! In Target, you know how they have different gaming systems set up and you can test out some games? Well, those 2-screen gaming systems confuse me so much!! haha. Sad, isn't it?

Going back to the iPod side of things, most technology seems like it gets smaller and stores more, which makes it seem more sleek and sophisticated I guess--I mean, you don't see me walking around carrying a desktop PC in my backpack do you? haha.  So I looked at all the cell phones I've had over the years.  I've actually thought of posting something like this for a while, just never got around to it!

Check out that phone all the way to the left-that was my first phone, a flipphone, that I got in 9th grade.  It didn't have a camera, so I somehow generated a picture a picture of a sunset with my name written on it.  I don't even remember how I did it! Oh wait, I do.  I didn't "generate" it.  The sunset was a preset background, and I made the banner on my phone "Mallory".  Oh dear..haha.  I also BOUGHT a background of Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical {High School Musical came out the month after I got my phone, ha}, that I thought made my phone seem cooler, because it wasn't a preset picture.  I also BOUGHT a ringtone--Kerosene by Miranda Lambert-- that I was way too excited about.  I had it set as my ringtone, alarm, and whatever else it would set as!

I don't remember the transition from my first phone to that second one, but the second one I had was actually Mom's old phone.  I also don't remember how long I had it, but I do remember when I had to get it replaced.  Something CRAAAAZY happened to it, and every time I opened my phone, it held down the 4 key.  Well, holding down that 4 key was also the speed dial to every time I opened my phone, it called Mom, and that was ALL it did anymore.  Fail.

Then I had the Razr.   I also can't tell you how long I had this phone, but I do remember having a lime green case for it that was so daggone difficult to put on! {It's not in the picture.  I had it, but obviously couldn't get it on....}

So then I got the Dare.  I'm not going to lie, what sold me on this all touch screen phone was the Drawing Pad feature it had.  I remember when I first showed that to Matt and how cool he thought it was, haha.  Pretty soon, Matt, Abby and I all had this phone!  And then this phone died on me.  Apparently, I freaked out the battery in that phone during my sophomore year at Longwood, because I kept the phone plugged in alllll night to charge.  I was always paranoid it would die on me throughout the day, but I killed it anyway.  I remember riding back from Ferrum with Matt's parents--they were dropping me off at Longwood on the way home--and I was trying to text Matt, but my phone kept cutting off! I didn't know what was happening but it was making me so sad!! I later realized that my battery wouldn't charge anymore, or something obnoxious like that, so I guess that's how I ended up with the second Dare in the picture{in the lime green case}.  Abby and I think it must've been hers and I was using it since she already upgraded, but I don't even know. 

Either way, my next phone was the blue Droid 2!  I either got this at the end of my sophomore year, or the beginning on my junior year....somewhere in that time frame!  I loved it, but was nervous about switching from a touch screen phone, to a phone with a keyboard.  I never thought I would get used to it, but like when you change anything, you adapt to it pretty quickly.  I was excited because I could finally download Angry Birds, and not have to bug Matt to let me play on his phone!!

Then, during some summer....maybe 2 years ago? I really don't know!...Matt got the iPhone and I was sommmmmmme kinda jealous! haha.  I didn't even know he was going to get a new phone, and when I saw him that afternoon with his phone beside him, I freaked out!!  At the time, he wasn't as in to social media as he is now, so I asked him to download Instagram so I could use it.  At that point, I didn't know many people who actually used Instagram, and I really only wanted it to follow Katelyn James! haha.  I took a few pictures on Instagram with Matt's phone, and when he started to really use the app, he forgot it was logged in under my name and uploaded a couple photos himself, haha!  So if you look through my first Instagram photos, they're probably quite a random mixture!

In March of my senior year at Longwood, I killed my Droid somehow.  I don't know what I did, but I can tell you everything about the morning it broke:

I was up early one Saturday to help my staff member & friend, Kelsey, with an event that the Special Education Ambassadors were doing in the gym.  We were going to set up games and all sorts of activities!  Like I said, I was up early and didn't want to wake up my roommate, Megan, by making breakfast, so I was trying to text Kelsey to see if I could come to room earlier than we discussed so I could heat up my Poptart in the microwave.  BUT, I couldn't get five words into a text message before my phone would freeze and my only option was to take out the battery and restart the phone.  Every. Time.  

I remember somehow texting Mom, I guess maybe I used Matt's phone, and told her my phone was shot and I desperately needed a new one.  Matt and I had already discussed the possibility of going home for the night, anyway, so it all worked out.  When we got home, Mom and I went to Verizon, and I was finally caught up to everyone {all of my family & Matt already had this..} and I had an iPhone!

And that's where I stand today! Sometimes, my iPhone does freak out on me, but that's because I'm lazy about updating my phone when the updates are ready.  Word of advice: don't wait to install the updates.  Because stupid things will if you're on the phone and someone else calls, usually it shows you who is calling and will give you the option to switch over to the call.  Not for me.  I would be on the phone and could hear the noise notifying me that someone else was calling, but it wouldn't show who or allow me to switch the call, and then I never had missed calls show up! Quite annoying, but I fixed the problem...eventually! haha.

And I think this might hold the record for one of the longest posts I've written..haha!

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