Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My New Bible

I have SO many Bibles.  Two Precious Moments Bibles, one being my very first Bible.  Story time Bibles for before bed.  A Teen Bible.  A Bible with activities, like crossword puzzles, in it, to go along with the stories.  The Bible I received on graduation Sunday.  Study Bibles.  You name it!

Despite having plenty to choose from, I've been wanting to get a new one.  You see, I'm funny about my Bibles.  Some of them came from important events in which they were given to me, and others are important for other reasons.  I've never been one to want to write in my Bible or highlight it, until a month or so ago.  When I changed my mind, I didn't want to write in any of the Bibles I currently have, because I didn't want to "mess them up."  I've thought about getting a new one for a little bit anyway, so it seemed like a good idea to buy one with the intention to write in it.  That way, I wouldn't feel "guilty" about doing so.  I know, weird.

I originally wanted a Journaling Bible, to have an extra column on each side.  We went to Lifeway to look at their selection, and I just didn't see anything I really liked.  The small selection of Journaling Bibles they had weren't anything I was looking for, really.  Then, I noticed that most of them don't also have the option of having the study notes at the bottom, which I really like too.  I finally decided that I would just keep looking elsewhere for a Bible I really liked, and I bought a journal to write in instead.  

I searched online a bit and finally came across Christianbook.com.  I found lots of options I liked, and finally narrowed it down to this one!  I loved the color (which ended up being one of the colors on the journal I bought, too, so everything matches!) and the way the design kind of looks like seashells.  Then, something I've always wanted, my name put on my Bible, so I added that as well. (Of course, if you know me and know I hate making decisions, it took probably a good 10 minutes to decide if I wanted my whole name, to include my middle initial or not, or to monogram it.  Ohhhh, and then which font.  Too many decisions people.)

This Bible has so much that I like: study notes, introductions for each book, devotions within all the chapters, a topic index, and, of course, it looks pretty, too :)

I also picked up these Bible highlighters-at first, I wasn't quite sure if I liked them or not.  They don't write like regular highlighters, so they don't bleed through the pages.
Does anyone else remember those twistable crayons? I remember having a pack of pale colors, like pink, yellow, green, blue, and maybe some others.
Anyway, these highlighters kind of write like that, because they glide over the pages easily and don't smear the ink.  They take some getting use to, but I like them!

These highlighters come with a color-coding guide to use, such as using blue for things people said, orange for places, etc., but I don't really like that way.  I haven't thought of a use for every color yet, but so far, I use green to highlight the verses I have memorized, and purple to highlight important things to apply to life and remember about life.

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MamaNorman said...

be careful i used those highlighters and overtime they did bleed through :(