Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Abby!!

Today is my sister's birthday!! Whoo hoo!!  This may be the first year we haven't celebrated on her birthday, but, of course, we still celebrated with her!

We went up to Longwood yesterday and had lunch & cake with her, and gave her her gifts.

We ate at the Fishin' Pig-a great barbeque place. I wish it was there when I was still at Longwood!  We happened to run into one of our friends from home, Kennedy, who was also celebrating her birthday!! Pretty cool :)

And, because you can draw on the tablecloths there, Abby got many "Happy Birthday" messages:

Cash is always a good gift! haha

 New clothes..


I loved the card we got her:

New jewelry..

More clothes:

Time for cake!

No candles sooooo just pretend, lol.

Opening up her gift from AD and UL. (As the card was signed, haha)

Not sure what it is yet..


Yep, Spongebob Cookies! 

Reading the note which explains why all 24 cookies weren't in her package!

And, the best of all, YOOHOO!

Oh, wait, this might be the best of all: an apple and an orange.

Hope you had a great birthday Sister!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you early :)

And, because a birthday post wouldn't be good without some old pictures, here ya go! 

I know she's kind of cut off in this picture, but I love the way she's looking at little Chestnut :)

That dog would do anything with her!

Here's to another great year with lots of exciting things ahead! Whoo hoo!

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