Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Days

I'm so glad we finally got a good snow this week!  It never really feels like winter (even though it's almost spring!) until we get a good snow + some snow days!!  Even better when it happens on Christmas :)

Our Snow Days consisted of pretty much just hanging out with no set schedule--which is rare around here!  I sat at the kitchen table for HOURS working on a puzzle that Matt got for Christmas.  We also watched a lot of Destination America, as they were showing lots of Behind the Scenes Disney shows about Disney World and Disney Cruises.  We're already ready to go back!!

On Monday, when the snow started, Matt and I both got home early, so we took Maple out while it was snowing.  We were excited for this snow, because we've been wanting to see Maple's reaction to it!  She loved being able to walk up and down the street with us.

I can't stop laughing at this picture of her mid-shake!

We went back out after dark, but I didn't get as many pictures.  
My camera battery died while we were out there!!! I was so upset!

On Tuesday, we were both off, so it was a nice day for the three of us :)

Every now and then, she gets to run around with no one holding her.
She usually goes straight to the back and doesn't run off, but she loves not being pulled back! haha

I LOVE this picture!

Once she got over to the door, she kept looking at it like, "hey guys, please let me go in now!!" haha

A few nights ago, we went to Petsmart and bought Maple a retractable leash.  Now, she LOVES having so much more freedom to run around, while still be held.

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