Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 things!

For my 100th blog post last year, I came up with 100 facts about me. (And I'm guilty of writing that posts 2 months late, haha) I didn't really think it would be that hard to come up with 100 things about me.  I mean, I spend 24 hours with myself, 365 days a year, so you'd think I'd have plenty to come up with. Fail.  That list was hard. And no way to I plan to do another for my 200th post, because I don't think I could do it without repeating!

I follow approximately 70 blogs, okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but some days, it feels like it!  I've come across a couple that have random posts where they write 5 things about themselves.  I think this is a LOT more feasible to do and I might enjoy it more because I only have to come up with five different things!!

Enjoy :)

1. I love office supplies. haha.  Mostly sticky notes, in particular, but I also love dry erase boards (& markers), highlights, sharpies, etc., etc. I think that's why I always loved shopping for school supplies --in Eden, N.C. with my mom, sister, aunt and cousins!-- and it's kinda sad I won't have to do that this year :(

2. I have my own website for the photography business I really haven't done a whole lot with at this point but I would lovvvve to change that soon.  I've only done 2 Senior Portrait sessions (Gabby and Emily) and if I could, I'd go back and do them all again because I like to think my photography skills have improved over the past few years.

3. 15 months from today is my WEDDING DAY! I told Matt that today at lunch and he just looked and said, "oh my goshhh!" kind of like, "how-in-the-world-is-it-already-that-close?" haha.  The funny thing is, people keep asking how wedding plans are coming, what have we done, etc. and I have the same response each time, "we haven't really done anything."  We still have over a year left so there wasn't really a rush to jump on anything but we DID set a date AND book the venue. Double YAY!  Once summer comes and I [hopefully] find a job, I'll maybe have a bit more time to take care of some wedding things, so that'll be exciting for sure!

4.  I honestly have 40+ shirts from Longwood.  From all of the organizations I'm in, RA training, Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend, Pairets, basketball games, and EVERYTHING ELSE, I've received numerous tshirts.  A lot of them were free, so that's even better!  When I was home a couple weekends ago, Mom washed my clothes and she asked me how many Longwood shirts I have, and I just laughed because I know there are SO many!

5. I love making To-Do lists!! While I hate seeing the sometimes super long lists of what I have to do each day or week, it makes me feel so accomplished when I keep scratching things off the list!


Jordan said...

Yay for wedding plans!!!!

Nina Diane said...

oh I love Sharpies!! I've been seeing on Pinterest people taking their fav tshirts and making a quilt out of them. That would be awesome to do one day with your fav college shirts

Love Me If You Dare said...

1. i need more longwood shirts haha.
2. i LOVE weddings. you and matt will make a beautiful bride and groom!
3. i love to-do lists too haha. unfortunately, most of the time i just write one and never follow through haha.
4.i like your crazy-fun jumping picture.
5. i feel you on the blog following. so many blogs, so little time!