Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Abs!

You may remember me talking about Fab Ab February in a post last month. Well, February is over! Which means yesterday I did 100 situps, 25 pushups and 2 1minute planks (I had to split them up for the own good of my arms! haha).  I completed all but 3 days of February, which I was still proud of!

When I was on Pinterest a few days ago, I saw someone had pinned a calendar for Mad Abs March--and then I got excited! More days to check off a calendar of sticking to the same routine! While I'll be doing less situps than I did in February, I think that will definitely be made up for in the side planks (which I found out this afternoon are interesting to do..) and the 45 pushups I'll be doing March 31st. Um. EXCUSE ME. 45 pushups?!  That actually may get bumped to April 1st, since on March 31st I'll be doing the 10K and I'm sensing I'll be too tired to even attempt one push up afterwards!! But we shall see!!

If you're interested in trying Mad Abs March, too, here is the calendar!

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