Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I hate running at the gym. I hate it.
But, I love participating in running events (i.e. Monument Avenue 10K, Blue Devil Dash, etc.).
I know, that makes NO sense whatsoever.
But I love the feeling of accomplishment after completing a race.

I haven't run the 10K since 2010.  I was signed up to run last year but the week before the race, I hurt my knee.  Go figure, right?

So, in the last 10K I ran, I completed it in 62 minutes. SERIOUSLY? THAT close to being under an hour?!  While I was VERY surprised I ran so well, I thought it would've been cool to finish in under an hour, so that's been my goal since: the next time I run the 10K I will complete it in under an hour.

This semester I've made more of a routine for going to the gym (I shouldn't have excuses because my schedule has a lot of open time after class!).  And, every time I go, I run. I RUN. Even though I hate it.  Now, I'm to the point where if I don't get to the gym and run, my day feels incomplete --does this mean I'm starting to love running? I kinda hope not. haha--  But it does!  At first I started running intervals and I was on the treadmill for 40-45 minutes.  Then, I changed up the intervals and was on for a little bit shorter time.  After that, I started at an okay pace and just running for time, not distance.  That went pretty well, but that "okay pace" would not get me to 10K in under an hour.  Finally, last Friday, I ran 10 minutes at 6.0mph. (sidenote: that may sound like a really wimpy speed, and it actually might be, but I've got to stay at a pace that I can keep for the whole race).  Every time I go to the gym now, I run at that same pace and during my actual workout (not warmup or cooldown), I do not run at a slower speed, and each time I had some time on.  Sure, it might be a minute or two for now, but eventually, I'll be able to run the entire hour.  How do I know I can? Because I ran for over an hour without stopping the last time I did a 10k and now I have to do better!

I've also been keeping up with Fab Ab February, but more on that tomorrow! :)

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