Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pendleton family get-together!

This past weekend, all the family got together to celebrate Memaw's birthday!! We ended up celebrating Memaw's and Abby's birthdays!

We got together for dinner first--we had a taco bar! This was seriously like the best taco bar I've ever had in my life.  My cousin, Jake, cooked the meat, rice, peppers and onions, etc. and all of that yummy stuff plus the toppings everyone bought = perfection!

Now, before I get on with the pictures, I must warn you: THERE. ARE. A. LOT.  It's hard not to take pics, especially when you're with the fam!

Victoria enjoying her food:

Gabe insisted that he be drinking his kool-aid while I took the picture:

I wanted to enjoy "the good stuff" the most, so I just put all the fixins on my plate and had a few tortilla chips.  Like I said before: soooooooo good!!
 (I even went back for seconds---I rarely go back for seconds!)

This is a pretty typical picture of Abby & Alison:

And then we got this idea to do some awkward family photos, but no one could stop laughing long enough to do so!!
*Note: in these photos, please pay attention to Abby's face. While everyone else's face changes some, Abby's is the same in every single one!! haha*

Uncle Xel thinks we're nuts, but what else is new?

Hi Mom :)

We missed you Gabby :(

I'm telling ya - we do not  know how to take normal pictures:

Aunt Diane & one of her dogs--Pippa maybe? I can't remember!
*(Also check out her blog for some pics from the party!)*

The aftermath:

Memaw's birthday cake:

and Abby's birthday cake!

Victoria has learned the hard way--you do not want to start a tickle fight with Matt!


I've never seen someone enjoy cake as much as Maddox did this weekend!

Alison, Matt, and Uncle Xel

Despite the flare, I love this picture of Gabe:

Who knew you could have so much fun under a table??

And last but not least, one of my favorite pictures from the entire night:
*(The sticky note was originally indicating which salsa was HOT. haha)*


Nina Diane said... them!! yes, it was Pippa Lou I was holding. and yeah, Jake did such an awesome job. He is a really good cook! funny, funny....Abby's face is the SAME in every pic!! I was fun and I look forward to our next get you!

Beth Chandler said...

Loved the pictures - Your family really has a good time when you get together. Isn't wonderful that you all get along there are so many families that don't and they really miss out!

Mallory said...

Diane-next get together....EATER! hahaha

Beth-Absolutely! I love it when we get together!