Monday, February 6, 2012

Men's Walk!

Initially, this was supposed to be blogged on Friday.  However, seeing as after walk Friday afternoon, I had almost 5 thousand other things to do before leaving to go home, and then when I finally got home it was 10:00pm, I was just too tired! Oh well!
And yeah, I intended on posting this earlier in the day today but, um, hello? Where did the rest of the day go...??

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the Sorority Walk that my sister had been a part of.  Then came the Fraternity Walk.  I had been to Sorority Walks before during my time at Longwood, but never a Fraternity Walk...until this past fall!  I have a reason to go now--Matt's one of the Longwood Founding Fathers of Phi Mu Delta--and yes, I like to brag for him, haha.

I know, there aren't many pictures to look at from Walk the other day, but it's almost 10:00pm and I'm just about drained from the day!  But, I do hope you enjoy what I do have posted!

 This is one of my previous staff members, and mine and Matt's friend Ronnie.  He's also a Founding Father, and was one of the Recruitment Counselors this semester!

 Had to share this picture of Matt's new little: Dani!
 And one of my current staff members: Danny!

After Walk, I did get to go to the Phi Mu Delta Induction Ceremony--possibly a future blog post? ;)

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Nationalnolte03 said...

What wonderful pictures of walk my fiance can take. thank you so much for the pictures and maybe next year you can hold the "mud pup" or "Mud Dog" for us. ;)