Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I had never been to a Longwood Basketball Game until my Junior year.  Now that this season's home games are coming to an end, I'm really regretting missing out on 2 years of games!!  But no worries--I just know I'll be back in years to come to see more! :)

This past Saturday, Longwood's Men's team played a game that kept us on the edge of our seats all throughout!  (Okay, that expression was only used to describe the excitement; I stood for the entire game! haha)  The team played so well, and while we lost 100-99, it was a GREAT game.  I LOVE how much spirit the students, faculty, and fans all have when it comes to basketball. It's AWESOME and I'm definitely going to miss it!  Enjoy some pictures from the game!

there's Kelsey!


Love Me If You Dare said...

confession: i never went to an LU bball game. i think i went long enough to get a t-shirt and that was it. kinda bummed i never went...

and that's a CUTE pic of you and matt! :)

Mallory said...

haha! I never went to one until last year, and I'm wishing I went freshmen and sophomore year too!

and thank you :) :)