Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sissy!

For Abby's birthday today, Mom, Dad, Papa and Auntie "Shurrie" came down for dinner.  We went to Charley's Waterfront Cafe, and on Wednesdays they have pasta bar!! yum!!

Since we've been having such warm weather lately, Mom thought it would be funny to get her a summery birthday cake! haha!  No matter what kind of cake it is, I always love a good Ukrop's cake!!
 Present time!!

 Okay, so we always tend to tease Abby because she can't STAND for gift boxes and bags to just be sitting out, not knowing who they're for, or not knowing what's in them.  I got back to school before she did, so I was determined to have her gift from me wrapped and sitting in my room before she got back, JUST to drive her crazy (I most definitely succeeded, by the way).  So, tonight finally came where she could open the bag...

 Abby can't ever find anything with her name on it, so I came across a personalized "Abby" necklace and keychain and just had to get them both.
 Okay, this is the best part about the gift, and the entire table knew about it.  This past Christmas, we had all been talking about how they're (whoever "they" is) switching all Christmas lights over to all LED lights.  Well, Abby is not excited about that. "That sucks!" is her reply when you mention it, haha.  Abby also tends to have bad luck with the lights on the Christmas tree in her room, and least one strand is always out every year.  Well, when it comes to Christmas items, you don't wanna joke around with me because I will for sure remember....which is why Abby received TEN boxes of Christmas lights from me! haha!  I had wrapped one of the boxes that was in the top of the bag, so she would just think it was one box....until she lifted all the tissue paper!
 She loved it :)

 And finally, the PAAAALLLLM TREES (Abby, I did that just for you) from her cake!

Happy Birthday Sister!!!
And guess what? My 200th blog post is all about you!

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