Monday, March 19, 2012

Belle Isle!

I didn't post at ALL last week! At. All.  I didn't have any intention of not blogging, but I was on Spring Break.  This was the first time since Winter Break sophomore year that I haven't had any work or school work to do, so it was nice to actually be ON a break for a week! That being said, I decided to take a break from everything I normally do during the weekdays, including blogging.

Last Monday, my cousin Gabby and I went on an adventure down at Belle Isle in Richmond.  She's been many times before, but I had never been! We've literally been trying to plan for about a year and a half to get together and take some pictures, and when we both had Spring Break at the same time, we were so glad we could finally meet up!  We had a lot of fun, even though jumping across a couple of the rocks made me nervous ;) haha!

Enjoy some of these pictures from our adventure :)

 I know these are the same picture, but I couldn't choose with effect I liked best!

Thanks for showing me Richmond's playground, Gabby!! :)


Nina Diane said...

love the pics! And I can't believe you've lived here all of your life and never been down there....haha! So happy Gabby took you there...

Lindsey said...

I love these so much! (: