Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Freshman year, I was involved on campus the first week of classes.  That first Thursday of the semester, I went to my first Connections experience at BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries).  I've been almost every single Thursday that I've been at Longwood (having to miss a few for various reasons) and I love it!  A local church prepares a wonderful home cooked meal for us every week, we play a game/activity, have worship time, and we finish out the evening with a speaker.  It's always great!

Second semester Freshman year, I wanted to get more involved.  A girl I met through BCM, Kelly Baker (well, she's married now, but I'll always refer to her as Kelly Baker!!), told me about Longwood Ambassadors.  She was an Ambassador and told me all about the fun things they do & plan: give tours to prospective students, do Open Houses, plan Oozeball, work the Basketball games and so much more!  Not really knowing if I'd like it or not, I applied!  I knew for my interview to expect a "regular-sitdown interview" as well as giving a mock tour.  When I woke up the day of my interview and saw the rain POURING outside, I was NOT excited about this mock tour.  I knew the rain would throw me all off!  I did still give a mock tour, but because of the rain, I had to give a tour of the library.  I was thinking, "really? What more can I say about the library?" haha.  But, the Ambassadors who did my interview knew what they were doing (obviously), and prompted me with questions I might get asked on a tour.  I left the interview feeling really good, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.
A couple weeks later, I heard a knock on my room door, went to open it, & saw 3 Ambassadors (one of whom was my Mentor :) ) and decorations around my door. [I later found out that this was ROOM RAIDS!]  The Ambassadors sang me a song, gave me my acceptance letter, and I was so excited!  (random side note: I still have all of the decorations from my door!)

Over the past 3 years, I've given I don't know HOW many tours, worked many Open Houses, worked at Basketball games, sold t-shirts, etc., etc., etc. The list. goes. on.
This semester has been kind of strange, as I went inactive with Ambassadors in December. I'm so used to every other Tuesday night being spent in Hull for an Ambassador meeting, that sometimes I find it weird to not have anything to do on a Tuesday.
But last night, I did.
I was able to find out that MY SISTER got into Ambassadors! That AMB FAM just can't get rid of the Pendletons ;)
At just the right time, I went into Abby's room because "I needed to tell her something," shut the door, and just rambled on and on about whatever I could think of that she would think was important enough to shut the door while I talk, haha!  In the meantime, I was trying to work magic with my phone and get the video camera set up (I just got the iphone, so I'm still a little unsure of some things...haha), and just wait.  I knew her room was being raided, but I needed to be ready for when the loud knocking came!

Last night, my sister was sung to, given her acceptance letter and she was so excited!

Over the next 3 years, she will give I don't know HOW many tours, work many Open Houses, work at Basketball games, sell t-shirts, etc., etc., etc. The list. goes. on.

Abby got into Ambassadors!!!! from Mallory on Vimeo.

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Nina Diane said...

love it....proud of both of you. And thanks for doing that and sharing with the rest of us!