Thursday, March 29, 2012

BCM Ball!

One of the [many] things I've been involved when while at Longwood is BCM: Baptist Collegiate Ministries.  I started going the very first week of classes Freshman year, and I've been almost every week since!  Each Thursday, BCM meets for Connections: a local church makes us a homecooked meal (YUM), we do some type of game or activity, have worship, and then a speaker! It's quite fun, and it's another great time to hang out with friends!  My freshman suitemate/sophomore roommate/great friend for 4 years and I started going together that first week and we've sat together every. single. week!  I'm so thankful for her and the friends we share at BCM :)

This past Saturday was BCM Ball!!  I was pretty excited to get all dressed up and such :)

Before Ball, I met with my friend/staff member Kelsey and some of her residents/adopted residents :o) (who are such fun and sweet girls!) to take some pictures :

Kelsey =)

And when Matt arrived, I was able to get in the pics too ;)

<3 <3 <3 <3

This is "our spot" now ;)

And I just wanted to share a picture of my hair that I was excited about. Yes, that is a messy bun. I love my messy bun [although I'm starting to have too much hair for a good messy bun.. :( ]

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Nina Diane said...

love the messy bun hair! and your dress....cute pic of you and Matt