Monday, March 26, 2012

Grapes Snack!

Right before Spring Break, on my Pin It Friday post, one of my pins was a grapes snack that looked so good and I wanted to try it over Spring Break.  Right before break, I saw that one of our family friends made these grapes and said they turned out great and were so good, so I definitely needed to try them too!  Here's how to make them...if you like grapes, you need to try this---soo delicious!

Jello Mix - Melon Infusion flavor

Buy some grapes
We got the Princess grapes--they taste better, right?

Rinse the grapes and leave them in a bowl still fairly wet.
Pour the jello mix onto a plate--don't pour it all out at once.  depending on how many grapes you have, you'll be able to use the same jello packet several times!
Take the grapes and individually roll them around in the jello mix.  They don't need to be completely covered, but you can cover them however much you want.

After rolling the grapes, put them in a bowl and keep them in the refrigerator for at least an hour before eating.


I actually ended up making these grapes several times over break, because I didn't realize how long the jello mix would last! You only use a little bit each time, so just save it and make more later!

If I remember correctly, the website this recipe came from called them 'sour grapes,' but I didn't find them sour at all--just extra sweet!

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