Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lip Sync!!!

*You may have to wait a minute or two for these 2 videos to fully load!!*

Last week was an eventful week:
a) I didn't have nearly as much work/tests/quizzes as I usually do
b) I had something FUN to do each night (including weekend duty)
c) Every event reminded me of the fact that I'm graduating soon and these are all the things I'm going to miss about Longwood!

Last Wednesday was Lip Sync: where members of all of the social Greek sororities and fraternities put together a dance/singing routine and perform! 
I hadn't been since sophomore year, but this year I definitely had to go: Abby & Matt were both in it, along with many friends, residents, staff members, etc.  I went with 2 of my closest friends from Longwood, Emily & Kelsey, and we really enjoyed it (you can hear Kelsey talking in the beginning of the 2nd video :)

All of the Greek organizations did a wonderful job, but I have to say my favorites were ΣΣΣ (Sigma Sigma Sigma) & ΦΜΔ (Phi Mu Delta), and I'm probably biased by my decision.  Okay, so I'm really biased, but oh well! :)

You've got to check out these videos from Lip Sync to see what you missed!!!



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