Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break!

I wrote yesterday that I didn't do ANY school work or anything over break.  It was WONDERFUL not having something I had to do each day. I loved it!

So then what was I doing each day over break?  Well, let's take a look!

I already said that Monday I went to Belle Isle with my cousin, Gabby (you saw those pics yesterday!). But here are a few more..

Tuesday, Matt made his YUMMY barbeque at my house and we invited Papa over for dinner too.  He and Mom loved his barbeque! :) (We also had a pasta side dish that both Matt and I both love and I'm pretty sure we'd honestly fight over the last bite..haha!)

On Wednesday, Mom, Abby and I all spent the day together--mostly out in the west end.  We had several appointments and errands to run, but we also went to the movies and saw The Lorax!

On Thursday, I was back out at Short Pump, but this time with Matt.  We started out by having lunch at Ledo's Pizza.  Neither of us had been there before, but I had a giftcard from winning the Lost Lyric Contest on K95 back in November, so we've been meaning to go!

My pizza... (sorry it's sideways)

 and Matt's pizza!

After an afternoon of shopping with a horrible headache, Matt bought Starbucks! Yummmmmmm!

on Friday, Abby and I went bowling with Dad, and realized that real bowling is NOT just like Wii bowling!

finally, Friday night, Matt and I went to The Shake Shop!! Yes, The Shake Shop. (It will always be The Shake Shop to me, no matter what the sign out front says.)

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