Monday, November 19, 2012

Even More Good Reads

Yep, I have more books I've read to share with you! It took me a bit longer to read through these {as a whole}, but that doesn't mean the books weren't good! You'll see that there were some I knocked out quickly, and maybe some others that took me a few chapters to really get into. 

This time I didn't pick up any biographies/autobiographies.  Well, not intentionally, haha (you'll find out more about this by the end of this post...).

So, what were the five books I dove into this time? None other than...
  • Nights in Rodanthe 
  • Something to Blog About 
  • Let It Snow 
  • Dairy Queen 
  • Such a Pretty Fat
 And, as usual, here's a picture of each book with a little blurb about it, followed by just some other pictures I took! Enjoy! :)

This was a Nicholas Sparks book and I even hesitated to get it from the library.  I saw it next to A Walk to Remember and The Notebook (ones I had already read) and just couldn’t decide it I wanted to read it.  I finally decided on getting it and I made it the first book I read.  (I’m not sure if that’s because I really wanted to know if I was going to like or not, or if I just wanted to read it and get it out of the way and not have to dread the time when I WOULD read it! Lol) But, I did like it! In fact, I liked it so much it was one of those books I read in just two days.  I love getting hooked on a book that good! 

I also find it really cool that the book is set in Rodanthe, North Carolina, which is just right below us!


Yes, I did only get this book because it had the word “blog” in the title. And, again, another book I enjoyed so much that I finished it very, very quickly. The book had a cool balance of the main character’s high school life and then what she wrote on her blog.  Her blog wasn’t public like mine and wasn’t linked to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It was a private blog that no one even knew about. The blog posts included in between the chapters were about the same topics within the actual “book”, but they are written in a way that’s not so redundant and you’re left sitting there thinking, “um, yeah, we know this.  It was on the last page…” So, after setting her hair on fire in class (accidentally, of course) and after her blogs have all been posted……..they’re then posted around the school for everyone to see…

So when I first got this book, I’ll admit I was drawn to it because of the snowflakes on the cover and the fact that it was a Christmas book.  I saw that the book was made up of three different books within, and I thought “hey, pretty cool.  I can knock out three books at once!”  What I didn’t realize until starting the second story is that each of the three stories is related! The three books within, each written by a different author, are all about the same event that happens, just written from different perspectives! It was so cool when I was reading the second and third ones thinking, “ohhhhhhh, okay, well that makes sense!” or I would get to certain parts and think, “Oh, I totally know where this is heading…”  It was really neat and I hope I can find more books like it next time I’m at the library.  And it was about Christmas, so, end of story.  [pun intended]

Who knew reading this book would give me the idea of comparing all of us to cows? Yeah, me neither.  But it actually made a lot of sense.  Here’s the first quote to kind of explain that metaphore: “Then I started thinking that maybe everyone in the whole world was just like a cow, and we all go along doing what we’re supposed to without complaining or even really noticing…Until we die.  And maybe that’s all there is to life.”

Then, later on in the book, when D.J. (the main character) finally realizes something she wants to do, here’s the quote that she said:  “The feeling of freedom this gave me – I can’t even describe it.  It was my decision.  I chose it.  I am not a cow.”

This was such a good book emphasizing you don't always have to do what's expected of you. [Okay, no, I'm not saying abandon every rule you've ever known.  Just read the book! ha]

Again, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get into this book.  However, it was HILARIOUS.  It’s about the main character, Jen, (who I later finally realized is really the author telling her story!) who has tried and failed at many attempts to lose weight.  The Atkins Diet didn’t work and she didn’t like how Kirstie Alley stared at her from the huge poster on the wall every time she went in for her Jenny Craig consultation and how the diet didn’t take into account reality—which was actually a good point I thought she made.  But, when Jen finally figured out her own ways of dieting and continued with her training sessions at the gym and got the most results!  I highly recommend this book!  (There’s also lots of fun footnotes that I really enjoyed!) The author has also written another book, Bitter is the New Black, which was referenced many times in Such a Pretty Fat, so I’m going to have to look for that on my next trip to the library!

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