Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something New!

I mentioned a few weeks ago when I was telling you about a part of my past that I retired, that I'd been changing a lot of stuff lately, one of them being my outward appearance.  If you're friends with me on Facebook, or you've seen me in the past months, you already know what this is.  But, if you don't, I CUT MY HAIR!  Doesn't sound like a big deal to you?  Well, it IS. I hadn't had my hair cut since my junior year of high school, other than an occasional trim.  So, after this long time of not cutting my hair, I ended up with this massively long, curly, tangly, (rat's nest--according to Matt, haha), stuff hanging from my head and mostly getting in the way.  I've been saying I wanted to cut it, just never did.  I didn't think I would make it through the summer without cutting it, because having my hair on my neck and back while driving on riding in the car made for such an itchy mess.  It got on my last nerves!!  After cutting my hair, the one question most people asked me was, "What does Matt think?" Well, just so you all know, he was GLAD. I complained about my hair so much, kept saying I was going to cut it but never did, but I think it mostly had to do with the fact that he would find my hair EVERYWHERE, including his car.  Yeah, that's annoying. 

So then I came up with a plan that would give me the guts to just make the dern hair appointment! I was going to Longwood for Oktoberfest and I decided I was going to surprise Matt by FINALLY cutting my hair.  The only two people who knew I even had a hair appointment were my parents, so literally no one knew.  I wasn't going to post anything on Facebook (still haven't, haha), I didn't post any pictures, nothing.  The Wednesday night before I went to Longwood, mom went with me to get my hair chopped off---I wanted pictures and videos!  I thought I was going to cry while the girl was cutting it off.  I cried my junior year of high school when Auntie Sherrie cut off about 6 inches, so I just knew this time was going to be bad.  However, I didn't.  I think it was probably because I really wanted to cut my hair, it was just a matter of actually getting it done.  My hair was braided before she cut it, and she cut it in like three different sections, but it was so weird because I could feel a noticeable difference in the weight of my hair.  (If you had seen my hair, you'd know it was freakishly long, very curly, and really thick.)  So it was actually a bit of relief to not have so much hanging from my noggin. 

I had over 10 inches cut off that I'm planning to donate to Locks of Love. (Whenever I finally put that braid in an envelope with the form and send it off...)

Now, here a bunch of before and after pictures of my hair.  Yes, you'll notice several "mirror pics." No, I don't take those kind of pictures every day, I did it for three reasons. 1) I wanted to be able to have before and after pictures on my phone. 2) After having it cut, I really wanted to see what it looked like parted different ways, straightened, curly, etc., etc.3) I RARELY have pictures of me, so, I do what I can, haha.


Right before I went to have it chopped off!
I know, in this last picture, you can hardly tell the length of my hair, but I'll use any excuse to share a picture of Matt & me ;)

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