Friday, November 30, 2012

It's back!!

This is unbelievable.  Tomorrow will be the first post of my FOURTH year of doing my 25 Days of Christmas posts! How crazy.  I cannot believe I’ve done that many! 

In 2009, each post was the top 25 things I love about Christmas and included things from making a gingerbread nativity scene at BCM to Matt’s first experience with helping me decorate my tree (he had no idea of exactly what he was getting into…haha). 

In 2010, every day I shared a favorite Christmas song, including classics like I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas to fun songs like Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

Last year, I shared 25 of my favorite Christmas ornaments from my favorite little yellow gingerbread men, to my Engaged ornament my future in-laws gave me for Christmas!!

So, even though I don't normally blog on the weekends, there will be a post every single day for the 25 Days of Christmas!! 

Check back tomorrow to find out what this year's theme is!! :)

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