Friday, November 2, 2012

A look at my week..

To say that I had a really busy week may not be completely accurate, but it sure feels like it! Monday & Tuesday were pretty uneventful inside the house while hurricane rains and winds were going through Virginia and hitting pretty hard in the New York/New Jersey area.  Mom and I did end up going out both of those days (Monday to the post office, Chick fil A and Lowe's and Tuesday to the grocery store, Papa's for dinner and then volleyball practice), but I still got Cabin Fever!  Monday, we did get a few wedding things done.  Nothing too major, just little tasks that we got out of the way and are saved for later ;)

Wednesday, however, I was DEFINITELY busy! I don't remember what I did first thing, but then I was going to carve my pumpkin, but had to take some pictures of it beforehand! So then I carved my pumpkin, ran to the grocery store real quick, grabbed lunch on the way home, and came home to decorate!  On Halloween night, we usually set up "camp" in the driveway and invite people over.  We have the candy bowl out for the kids and Mom makes chili for any of the adults who might want some! This year, we had a little fire pit, so Auntie Sherrie brought some hotdogs, and we cooked them, along with roasting marshmallows!  So all afternoon, literally--all. after. noon.--I decorated outside and set up everything in the driveway!  The hours actually kinda flew by, because next thing I knew, I ran inside at the last minute because I forgot that I was going to roast pumpkin seeds. 

When Mom got home from work later, we were able to start putting some of the food out.  When Papa got there, he built the fire for us!  Then Sherrie arrived with hotdogs and hot chocolate!! Mmmm! 

Then, something I'd been looking forward to for a lonnnnng few days: Matt came home!!! :)  He mentioned over the weekend that he was thinking of coming home for a couple days but wasn't completely sure.  Then when Longwood cancelled some of the classes earlier in the week, he didn't know how things were going to work out, but I was, of course, thrilled that he was able to come home!  It's that point in the semester when so much is going on, that he (and Abby) have no idea when they'll be back home.  Coincidentally, Matt's been back home at least one day in each of the past two weeks. (Last week we went to get our passports.)

Thursday was spent enjoying more time with Matt and Thursday night, Mom and I met up with some very good friends from volleyball and went to the volleyball tournaments at Highland Springs High School.  We watched Highland Springs, Atlee, Glen Allen and Hanover play, and the last few minutes of the game between Glen Allen and Hanover were nailbiting because the score was literally going back and forth point by point.  It was a great night though!

So then I woke up today, feeling about as dead and stiff as I woke up yesterday morning, but nothing is really on my schedule today.  I figured I might as well try and blog, but I'm running into issues posting my pictures today.  I'm having to upload them a different way, and the other site is being pretty slow right now, so I think the pumpkin pictures I was hoping to share with you will have to wait until next week now.

On that note, have a good weekend everyone! Let me see if I can share one picture with you....

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